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OH RAMADAN By Nafysah Bint Yakub

June 2, 2018 Articles On Islam Islamic Poems 0

Oh Ramadan the August visitor

Who knocks on every Muslim door

One of the pillars of Islam – The Deen motivator

A visitor full of prestige

Everyone welcomes him with dignity

It drive out humanity and generosity

The unseen but felt visitor who walks with Nur (Light)

In it lies the benefit of waking for Sahur

The blessings of sitting with family for Iftar

It makes us sit in purification reciting the Quran

Standing up for Solah to the call of the Adhan

Purifying intentions along with our Eeman

Helps the believers to be firm on Deen

With its last ten days we can wash away our sins

It keep us away from obscene and bawdy

Standing up at midnight for Tahajjud

Lowering our head in Ruku calling his name in Sujood

For that is one of the best actions that is good

Along with it is the night of Qadar

Best used for a believer as an instrumentalist

The non-believers feel it’s presence

For it has long been in existence

For it gives no room for hypocrisy and selfishness


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