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April 17, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

When the sun shines and when it rains
She is always in her your veil
People think you are insane
But truly you are much more sane.

They say you are been enslaved
Yes! To Allah, you are His slave
His commandments, you are following
Because you are craving for his blessings.

Responsible people look at you with reverence
Because with your dressing, you deserve deference.
Others look down on you
But you ignore them because Allah made you you.

They speak ill of you behind your back
But their comments move you not aback
Because they are not much important
Cuz the reward is the most dominant.

Her speech is always good, clear and free of ambiguity
And when she is silent, she is covered in dignity
No sane person will see you and will not admire the beauty
Because in your veil, lays the true meaning of creativity.

Oh my beautiful sister in veil(Niqob)
You are not of those that has gone astray
You are specially created by Allah
And I pray you are one of those loved by Allah



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