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Nikaah (Marriage) is a legal bond that make it permissible for two parties (man and woman) to come together in relationship and form decision that will be pleasing to both parties. This then make it binding on them to build on their station; as being the viceregents of Allah on earth. The husband and wife are to take up the roles and responsibilities of being the agents of procreation, to take the charge of nurturing the generation to come. This write up is a review of the previous article; BLISSFUL NIKAAH (MARRIAGE).

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“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.” [Surah Ar-Room, 30:21]

A blissful Nikaah will no doubt make the spouse feel contented in whatever situation they may experience, because they know, it’s part of what they must pass through in life. Flawlessness is not guaranteed in marriage, and that’s why the two parties must work on a common term that please the Creator. Spouses who vie to be married till Jannah (Paradise) are those who are considerate of one another while being in marriage, as they are aware that there acts in marriage also form large parts of their deeds and this is also the major influence that determine the attitude their offsprings will model on. Hence, both will be in harmony in enjoining right conduct among themselves as a way of instilling good manners in the children, who will be the righteous future ready spouse that will exhibit good character and ethical standards in the country.

Nikaah as a bond makes the spouses become more responsible as the thinking is no more personal, but in consideration of others before forming certain decisions. This is because the situation has changed and the spouse now have a mirrow that reflect their action. This is in correlation with Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) emphasise on choosing the spouse that’s most religious. This is because, the highly religious spouse will posses high character standard and righteousness.
In the Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet (ﷺ) as saying “women may be married for four reasons, for her property, her ranks, her beauty and her religiosity. So get the one who is religious and prosper (lit. may your hands cleave to the dust).” [Abu Dawood (Kitab Al-Nikah)]

Marriage in worldly similitude may be compared to a partnership business, where the parties (husband and wife) cooperate to work hand in hand for their mission (in life) to be in line toward achieving their vision (in the Hereafter). Although marriage is a divine recommendation that need to be undertaken by every capable and able (not necessarily in enough resources) minds, Each party primary roles (criteria) has been set by the Creator. What the parties (husband and wife) need to ensure is that, both are supportive in undertaking their roles; for this will strengthen their relationship and make their activities smooth.

Marriage is an avenue of tranquillity for those who devoutly follow the injunction of Allah and His Rasul. This is such, as the standards of contented lifestyle is well analysed in Islam; it is left for those who use their psyche properly to reason and derive inference from the book of wisdom and the practice of the Noble Prophet (ﷺ). Modelling on the knowledge and understanding of the deen (Islam) will make both parties enjoy the sweetness of conjugal life. Doing this will make their values, aims, mission and vision in life can be aligned among themselves and with the will of the Creator.
Nikaah is not an act for the parties to engage in competition of ‘who gets what’; a form of ‘rat race’, where people try to compete in materialism regardless of the other parties welfare. Nikaah is an act of worship where both parties come together in cooperation and make plans on their aims and objectives in their mission of life, and also how undertaking this mission will lead to the achievement of their vision in life. This should be in concurrence with the standards of Islam, so that both parties would have a focal point in their dream. Even if a disagreement occur on the way, both parties will always go back to the instruction manual of life (Qur’ān and Sunnah) to realign their plan towards the mission and ultimately to the vision.

By this, both (husband and wife) will be able to live and act in accordance with the injunctions of Allah and His Rasul, Muhammad (ﷺ), and derive wisdom from the pristine source of knowledge (Qur’ān and Authentic Sunnah) to tackle life situation. Taking this as a model will make the parties (Husband and Wife) to know their roles and responsibilities, as well as their duties and obligation in marriage. As such both will act piously and righteously towards themselves; as they know the beneficial reward involve when one act good: “Is there any Reward for Good – other than Good?” [Surah Al-Rahman, 56:60] Likewise the punishment involved when one act otherwise: “And those who have earned evil will have a reward of like evil…” [Surah Yunus, 10:27]

When the two parties have this traits, that is; Noor ala Noor ‘Light upon Light’. It is a need that, those who crave for blissful marital life should endeavor to give preference to the knowledge of the deen, for their affairs to please Allah. This is because; Beneficial rewards in Nikaah is too valuable for one to miss in this life, as the bounty reward of righteousness is incomparable in the hereafter.
The aims and objectives of the Nikaah is to act according to the injunctions of Allah and His Rasul, Muhammad (ﷺ).
The mission is the undertaking of these aim and objectives towards strengthening belief and for continuous and increased righteousness.
The vision is making the mission the techniques which leads to a blissful marriage that makes the partners walk in the path of felicity on earth, and thereafter, reconnected in Jannah (Paradise).

“Gardens of perpetual bliss, which they shall enter together with the righteous from among their parents, their spouses, and their offspring; and the angels will come unto them from every gate [saying]: “Salāmun Alaikum (Peace be upon you), because you have persevered!” How excellent, then, is the final home!” [Surah Ar-Rad,13:23-24]

WaLlahu Aalam!

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