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MY MOTHER By Sanni Kay Yusuf

June 9, 2018 Uncategorized 0

She took wifely patience to get hooked up by a fatherly husband from whose exemplariness I was nurtured greatness.

When she conceived of me in that small, elastic abode, I unavoidably troubled her well-being for not less than 270 days nonstop. No one could endure such except a special creature.

My mother vomited numberlessly as I was enjoyably growing in her womb. She would see food but would not be able to eat. She emaciated, all for me to grow. Her beauty faded as I grew handsome in her. Rather than get annoyed, she was happy that I was troubling her peace. She became so heavy that she could hardly move her legs.

At the tick of delivery, she was taken to the labour room. “Push! Push!!” So echoed the nurses. She did all she could to make me alight from the journey of creation. But I didn’t make her effort count because of the enjoyment therein. Sweat gushed out of my mother like drops of downpour. Her eyes pitiably coloured red, in severe pains.

As the medical pundits were about suggesting a surgical operation where her body would be cut to drive me out, my big head was seen oozing out of an unsizeable hole. My entire body followed afterwards, and I landed safely on earth – courtesy of my mother’s unmatched sacrifice and unquantifiable affection.

She had to recuperate from the nine month gladdening sickness. She was meant to eat to make up for the lost weight and beauty. But I didn’t give her a breathing space. As she was eating, I was suckling. If I didn’t take the breast milk, she would be sad, even though it was affecting her.

My mother would back me to wherever she was headed. Whenever she heard me cry, she would throw her nipple into my mouth and back me afterwards. My mother loved me so passionately, or perhaps extremely that if I didn’t eat, she would not be hungry. What an indescribable sacrifice!

How else do I describe or chronicle what my mother went through to make me what I am today? There were women who abandoned their children to their divorced husbands without looking back – my mother never did. What a golden sacrificer!

Child, how do you treat your mother? Have you done 5% of what she did for you. Apparently, you can never do 0.5% of what she did for you. Kindly hold your mother in high esteem. She is worth it. Never allow anything or anyone come between you and your mother. Always seek to get her prayers, not her curses. Make her happy as she did for you back then.


Sanni Kay Yusuf

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