Muslims in Business – (1): A call for Islamic Business


Are you a Muslim entrepreneur who strive to operate in the scope of Islamic business framework?

If you are, then this writeup is for you to take your business to the next level of progress towards achieving success with your business plan. Stay focus as I share with you the reasons why you have to remain firm towards your aspiration in life.


As an experienced resource finder and researcher, I’ve searched for various means by which a Muslim can be motivated towards undertaking business, guided by Islamic finance and economics framework.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to succeed in getting useful resources that motivate and inspire Muslims with the zeal of undertaking Islamic business as their form of business enterprises.

Hence, I call; Oh Muslims in business!
Can we start writing on our own Islamic heritage of doing business? And to proffer success tips to develop Muslim tycoons in succeeding in business, and to eradicate any form of unemployment or idleness of our youths and generations to come.

Indeed we need to start heeding to every practical aspect of Islamic lifestyle standards.
As you all know, Islam supersede any other form of lifestyle.


I believe if our devout Muslims in business can come together to reason and be creative in their ways; we will break the bond of any restriction that hide the bounty reward in undertaking Islamic business as our business standards.


I am AbdulKabir A. Yusuf; Islamic Finance & Economics Analyst and the Mastermind of Abumaribi Basic Creativity (ABC).

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