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Muslimah, Hijab and Law School

March 3, 2018 Comparative Religion 0

A few weeks ago, the Ire of
Muslim writers and vehement advocates of liberal views was provoked and their pens called to action after the Lagos state law school failed to call a Muslim lady to bar for refusing to take off her hijab, and albeit, the action of the law school was greeted with cries of dissension from Muslims, it can be stated unequivocally that all the articles and even the protest staged with the mindset of of supporting the victimized sister have all availed to nothing.

The law dinner held yesterday proved beyond doubt the futility of all actions so far taken by the Muslims and the events that unfolded are calling Muslims to true action.

Some states, which reportedly included Kaduna and Bayelsa went on to deny the Muslim participants their right to using the hijab and subsequently, as expected the inks have started flowing and tirades of threats have rented the air, but nay, the warriors keep overlooking the most rueful of the events, and that was the one that unfolded in Lagos.
To a normal observer, the dinner in Lagos was a quite modest one, but so vivid it is to a thorough observer that there is dire need to address the events in Lagos before any other.

The event?
None, I repeat, none of those who graced the dinner table yesterday had her hijab on, and of course, that saved the Lagos state law school the trouble of scowling once again. But this fact, should be our biggest concern as Muslims and it should be addressed before we go on to wage any war against those denying us our rights. For how do we fight to use the hijab when our sisters still perceive it as a right and not a duty.
The event of yesterday would definitely have sent a wrong message to the world, for it is unreasonable that there was no Muslim present yesterday at the dinner and yet, none chose to use the hijab.

The message?
The hijab is only a camouflage and not necessarily a part of their religion, if it were, those who went for the dinner wouldn’t have opted for whisking it off.

And the long term effect?
the hijab would be deemed as not being compulsory and as such, those who adhere strictly to it would be perceived as extremists, meanwhile, it is basically compulsory on all Muslim girl who has attained puberty, and of course, no country hopes to harbor extremists.

The event yet again stresses the fact that we have misplaced our priorities as Muslims for if we haven’t, then we would understand that our primary goal in this world is to seek the face of Allah with all we do, and whatever we do in a way that contradicts the Qura’n and Sunnah would result in utter failure no matter how much the world seems to support us.

Dear Muslimah, let this portion of Hadeeth be a part of our first aid kit: “…and know that if the whole of mankind unite to do you a good, They won’t be able to do you good Except what Allah has written of good for you…”. Myriads of daily events proves this. There are those who attain there PhD at 30 and die at 34, so.
If you are called to bar by stamping on Allah’s commandments, what assures you that you’ll spend 24 more hours in life, to even leave a space for repentance?
what then happens when you face Allah on the day of judgement? would your law degree defend you? What would be your excuse?

Know, dear sisters, that if Allah has ordained that you will be successful materially in life, then no one, not a law school degree can hinder your success, and if he has ordained otherwise, then nothing, not the law school degree can avert the decision.
If the law school does not allow you use your hijab, then know, that by Allah, the success which Allah blessing adorns is not in you attaining a law school degree.

Islamic organizations should rise to the occasion and work the talk, sensitize parents, guardian and other stakeholders that Hijab is not a piece of cloth Muslim ladies and women wear but a concept Allah has ordained and a constitutional right.

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