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June 3, 2018 News Science and Technology Uncategorized 0

Not pleased by what she described as the wrong visual representation of the Hijab, Muslim lawyer and co-host of YourView, a popular magazine program on TVC, Nyma Akashat-Zibiri has launched a #remakethisisnigeriavideo hashtag against Falz, while calling on the artiste to produce a remake of the controversial video.

Nyma Akashat-Zibiri, who is also a member of the Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative, made the call on all her social media handles today, Saturday.

Read the full speech below:

Nyma commends Falz for his creativity in the the lyrics of #thisisnigeria. I however must express my reservations about the dancing Hijabites in the video and the other obvious flaws there-in.

My most pertinent concern however, is the visual representation of the Hijab in the video. I would have applauded him if the dancers were portrayed, while there was another scene where the young school girls were abducted and shown in captivity wearing the Hijab, as this is the true picture of our reality.

This is because I can not deny the Chibok abductions, the Dapchi abductions, continuous killings in the North and several other vices talked about in the lyrics of the song.

Long before Falz, I have been calling for the investigation, arrest and prosecution of people suspected of these crimes without bias, using the platform of YourView @TVCconnect.

I have also defended my faith when needed because I believe that the use or rather the abuse of the Hijab for criminal activities is not targeted at any other than the Muslims.

Looking at this issue critically, the objective is to create hatred for a peaceful religion by criminalizing all its sacred symbols and then brewing hatred for it and its adherents, while seizing the opportunity to call for an outright ban of the religion and its freedom.

I insist that the victims of Boko Haram activities are more of Muslims than anyone else.

So, to justify the misrepresentation of the Hijab in the video by saying it has been used to perpetuate suicide bombing is to buttress my point that its use is meant to create Islamophobia.

We at the Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative understand this and we call out the producers/directors of the music video as people who failed to research their country, its diversity and the sensibilities of its diverse groups, thereby causing an almost perfect work of art to lose its accolades because of their insensitive approach to the job. #remakethisisnigeriavideo.


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