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The give and take of words playing out among muslim clerics on the political conundrum in Kwara state is unfortunate. Sheikhs, imams – anywhere in the world – are distinguished humans who command, not only respect but reverence – even from their enemies. This is so because Allah made it so. But this part of the planet – Nigeria – seems peculiar.

A few days ago, a famous Muslim cleric was seen passionately and enthusiastically singing the praise of the Senate President, not only in the open, but to a gathering of many – the coverage of which went viral on social media. Apparently, Saraki’s campaign manager couldn’t have performed any better.

Days later, another one made a rebuttal – where the former was lampooned as though it were a battle between two contestants. His hit was unequivocally straight and names fearlessly named. The talk wasn’t without their ‘jalaby-ish’ bragging and pomposity. This is one of the reasons Muslim clerics are accorded no importance by the political class. Where they should be addressed as kings, they are handled like kids; sometimes like nonentities where they should be treated like nobles.

It’s natural, and as a matter of fact, it’s no big deal for a cleric to have sympathy for a candidate. But such shouldn’t graduate into an open support where words would be traded as ignominiously done politicians unto one another.

Politicians should be left with their game of calumny. They know when to be friends, and when to be foes. After all, their friendship or enmity is never a permanent one. Political rifts, for me, are just a demonstration of scripted movies. They know the end from the start.

Nigerians, clerics especially, should have outgrown the brand of the nation’s politics. It’s all about deceit. Therefore, the trash should not be allowed in the mosque, or in any gathering of the faithful. Islam is a sacred religion. Infiltration of any kind – of politics or what have you – should be availed no chance.

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