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When a calamity befalls the son of Adam, he wishes it to be a dream…

When the son of Adam realizes he’s dead without having turned to his LORD in absolute devotion and repentance, he wishes this doom to be a dream whereas it is a reality. (Kalla Sawfa Ta’lamuna)


When the son of Adam dreams a very good dream where he had a life of good pleasure and satisfaction, when he wakes up, he closes his eyes trying to continue his sleep again.

When a man dreams of being in Jannah, he wakes up and wishes it wasn’t a dream, As if the ticket of Jannah is free.

We are like chickens reared by a man for consumption. He picks and picks. So, people’s time lapse and they get taken till it reaches us, Whose time will up up next, we don’t know.

In the case , we are not taken to be eaten, we are taken so there’ll be no more opportunity to seek repentance or do good deeds.

Let us fear that day,

Yawma’idhin Yasduru An-Nasu ‘Ashtataan Liyuraw’ A’malahum.

The day when men will be proceed in companies, sorted out

to be show the deeds they had done…

And definitely,

Anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good deeds shall see it likewise Bad deeds.

May Allah forgive us and make doing His will easier for us. Ameen

Lukman Bashir LuCas Samson

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