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Like Nigerian Movie Like Resurrection Story

April 17, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Like Nigerian Movie Like Resurrection Story

By Sanusi Olawale ibn AbdulWasiu

With a heavy effect of make up on the face, a Nollywood ghost stands up gently from the body of the deceased. It has nowhere to go until he revenges his death. On getting to a major road, it has to look left, right and left again before crossing the road in order not to get hit by unsuspecting vehicle. You need not to be told that, that is a fictitious character that can only exist only on scripts.

We have seen ghosts who went back to make life miserable for those who caused their untimely death. These characters and stories that only exist on scripts are not new to us. However, something similar is found in the Bible. Ghosts rose up, and nobody knew what happened afterwards.

What happened to the resurrected saints mentioned in Matthew 27 vs 52-53?

Matthew 27:51-53 tells us what happened right after Jesus Christ died:

“Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked, and the rocks were split, and the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised; and coming out of the graves after His resurrection, they went into the holy city and appeared to many.”

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The fact remains that, there are four known books regarded as Gospels in the Bible. Out of the four, only Mathew received the “inspiration” about the night of ghosts. Every other three are silent. As in very silent.

The author of the book attributed to Mark, in enumerating the conditions of the torturous killing, makes no mention of any tremor, nor of the stones ripping, nor of the graves opening, nor of the dead men exiting. The author of the book of Luke is noiseless additionally upon similar occurrence. What’s more, with regards to the author of the book of John, he points at everything; the torturous killing down to the entombment of Christ, he says nothing in regards to either the dimness, the shroud of the sanctuary, the tremor of the stones, the graves nor the dead men.

How strange is that?

Now, on the off chance that it had been valid that those things had happened, and if the writers of those books had lived at the time they did happen, and had been the persons they are said to be, namely, the four men called apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it was not possible for them, as true historians, even without the aid of inspiration, not to have recorded them.
The things, assuming them to have been actualities, were of a lot of reputation not to have been known, and of an excess of significance not to have been told.

All these “assumed disciples” (the real authors of those books are not certain) more likely than not been observers of the seismic tremor, if there had been any; for it was unrealistic for them to have been truant from it; the opening of the graves and the revival of the dead men, and their strolling about the city, is of more noteworthy significance than the quake. A seismic tremor is reasonably conceivable and normal, but the opening of the graves are supernatural. Had it been valid, it would have topped off entire parts of those books, and been the picked subject and general tune of the considerable number of authors; however rather than this, little and trifling things, and insignificant jabbering discussions of, he said this, and he said that, are frequently repetitively point by point, while this, most essential of all, had it been valid, is passed off in a messy way by a solitary dash of the pen, and that by one essayist just, and not really as indicated at by the rest.

Only Mathew has the power to see beyond his nose I guess.

It is a simple thing to tell a lie, however it is hard to help the lie after it is told. The writer of the book of Matthew ought to have revealed to us who the holy people were that sprung up once more, and went into the city, and what was the fate of them a short time later, and the identity of the people that saw them — for he isn’t sufficiently tough to state he saw them himself; regardless of whether they turned out stripped, and all in common buff, he-holy people and she-holy people; or whether they came full dressed, and where they got their dresses; whether they went to their previous residences, and recovered their spouses, their husbands, and their property, and how they were gotten; or whether they stayed on earth, and took after their previous control of lecturing or working; or whether they passed on once more, or backpedaled to their graves alive, and covered themselves.

Bizarre, without a doubt, that a multitude of holy people should come back to life, and no one know their identity, nor the identity of those that saw them, and that not a word more ought to be said upon the subject, nor these holy people have anything to let us know! Isn’t that strange?

Had it been the prophets who (as we are told) had once forecasted of these things, they more likely than not had an awesome arrangement to state. They could have disclosed to us everything and we ought to have had after death predictions, with notes and critiques upon the initial, somewhat preferable at any rate over we have now.

Had it been Moses and Aaron and Joshua and Samuel and David, not an unconverted Jew had stayed in all Jerusalem. Had it been John the Baptist, and the holy people of the time at that point exhibit, everyone would have known them, and they would have out-lectured and out-celebrated around the world the various witnesses. Be that as it may, rather than this, these holy people were made to fly up, similar to Jonah’s gourd in the night, for no reason at everything except to wilt early in the day. Along these lines much for this piece of the story.

Only in the Bible can such scriptural occurrence can be found.
When next they narrate this to you, just laugh it off. It is not real. Just like the ghost of the Nollywood.

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