Letter To My Family About Converting To Islam by olanrewaju Alhasan adedokun

Letter To My Family About Converting To Islam. By Olanrewaju Alhasan Adedokun

Recently, there has been a news making the rounds about a British father whose daughter was asked in school to write a ‘letter to her family about converting to Islam’. It may not have been enough of a topic to stir all the fuss, if the assignment hadn’t specifically required the 12 year old daughter to ‘google reasons she should convert to Islam’.

Being the pessimist that I am, I’m quite sure you’d have read a score of articles questioning the eloquence of the assignment, so, how about we look at it from another perspective. But before looking, put in mind, that this is not an article, it’s a research and we’re going to do it together. Now, you can pick your glasses.

Why not the assignment?
The father’s answer?
Because the assignment conformed to the worrisome trend of brainwashing non-muslims about Islam by showing to them, the good, but never the ‘bad side.’
In his own words, he would never have had a problem with it, if the assignment had required his daughter to google, conversely, reasons why she should not convert to Islam.
Except that, he said the daughter would be unable to sleep due to the shock she’d feel from the resulting results, and insomnia from Islam, will surely give him another problem, maybe one worse than his daughter using the niqab. (Which preventing, is by the way, his major goal, as he stated)

But ultimately, this is a dissection class, or research institute, and there’s need to question, or wonder, what results Google would have come up with if truly, she had been asked to google reasons she shouldn’t convert to Islam.
Now for a break. Grab your keypad and type it yourself.
If your Google works like mine, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t (mine takes minutes to load a page. I know, I know, I know that’s not Google’s problem), then the first result would most probably be the same question, asked a few months ago, on Quora. And the first answer?
Like I had expected, can be summarised into these few words: “Don’t become muslim because Islam propagates the notion, that it is the only correct way to God, and adherents of other religions and beliefs are wrong and ‘infidels’ .. (here comes the main point) whose beliefs should not be allowed to thrive.
Summary of the summary?
Don’t convert to Islam because it is intolerant of other cultures, beliefs, faiths.

Now, that’s the summary I would give in English class. Compose yours too.
But, if it were to be in history class, where the teachers are less stern-faced and really want your opinion, then my summary would go thus:
Don’t convert to Islam because Islam is practical, artless and not hypocritical.
Pretty outlandish huh?
Well, history teachers love that.
They’d only ask you to explain.
(We’ve gotten to that point in our research where you drop your tortoise shell glasses, ignore those piles of books and just stare at me.)

And I would explain, if I were asked to, (and by the way, I was asked to) by saying that if the father in this context, did not want his own daughter to become muslim, because (in his words) ‘he does not want his progeny using the niqob’ because (in my own words) it shows sympathy with Islam, and Islam doesn’t preach tolerance, then, we will have to ask if that belief of his, that ‘using the niqob’ is morally wrong, is tolerant.

I know that’s complex. Let’s leave that alone and try explaining the relentless consistency with which European countries are now implementing stricter immigration laws in order to (according to the Hungarian P.M) preserve their culture and values.
Now, let’s ask, if these countries were tolerant of other beliefs, and see them as equally important and good, why do they have to fear the extinction of their own values in lieu of some other values?
Now, that’s where Islam’s artlessness comes in.
Western countries will criticize Islam for claiming its values are supreme and are the only correct ones, but when we dissect the current trend, then we’d realize, that it is patronizing of western nations to ask Islam to accommodate other beliefs and values as being equally good, while they are not ready to accommodate Islam itself, and they still consider countries subscribing to other than democracy- backward.

No western country will open its border to a migrant who openly vents his displeasure with democracy and avows his espousal of monarchy. That is the same intolerance Islam is blamed for.
Fighting democracy and propagating Islamic caliphacy.
Now, the western countries will clam to be tolerant while in reality, they’re not any more tolerant than a sovereign Muslim government, while Islam would artlessly tell you: that it is not tolerant of others.

A final example on that is the fact, that in strict muslim countries, there are strict dressing codes which any woman is expected to conform to.
That, they would call intolerance.
But muslims will tell you it defies their values to have a woman walking half naked.
But in countries where the niqob has been banned, that is freedom.
Freedom. Protecting their citizens from being bullied into using the niqob (as if niqobites were some 12th graders).
We do forget often, that the muslims have to protect their own children too, from seeing naked women on their streets, as that is against their own values.

Now, to how Islam is practical.
Leave it or take it, 90% (That was imagined) of Brittons are like the father that stirred this research. They fear, -but may not state it categorically like he did- that by 2050, their daughters and granddaughters would be using the niqob, even though willingly. Doesn’t matter if it’s as a result of a brainwash, it would still be willingly. And note the word, ‘fear’.
Yes, they fear, because they don’t believe that the values of those using the niqob are as good as theirs. And now, like Poland has realized, unless the niqob is banned, and hence a dress code is enforced on muslims (anything, but must not include the niqob) the extinction of their own values loom, and it is the objective of every government to protect its peoples’ culture. They understand now, that it is not practical to be totally tolerant of others and yet, protect your values. That fact, is what Islam has understood for years. The reason muslims won’t allow you to take alcoholic beverages in their counties, the same reason Poles won’t allow you use the niqob in their country.
The reason, which England has not understood, or has gone too far now, and can no more overturn their reputation as a tolerant country, even though, their values continue to be overtaken by Islamic values.

Olanrewaju Alhasan Adedokun

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