LESSONS NOT LEARNED By Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere


When will it sink, That three eggs
Can never smothen rough edges.

Clading in overall white dresses
Will never get all issues addressed.

And several hours in a night for prayers
Does not signify a breakthrough from trials.

Listen! The pen has been lifted.
And the pages dried and hung.

The Master crafter has perfected your Qadr!
Either khayr (good) or shar! (bad)

A night of disobedience won’t do.
All nights of obedience will do.

The tahajjud for you is daily and private.
The tahajjud not for you is once and public.

The Qadr…inked…dried and hung.
Will better earlier be hugged.

Except on the night of Qadr
As promised in Surah Qadr.

That’s when destiny, can be changed.
Just like days and nights inter change.

Hey… If you are desperate about a change,
Why not embrace the right path for a change?

Search for the night of majesty.
It is an utmost promise from the Majesty.

A night your misfortunes can become fortunes.
A grace granted only to the fortunates.

Pray ceaselessly, everytime, everyday.
It’s not a new year, it’s a new day!

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