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LEAKING BAG By Mustapha Habeebah (Smiling Pen)



Your bag is leaking yet you still procrastinate.
The Adhan was called to your ear
Your deaf heart won’t give a response.

Your time wanes away freely,
You said your schedule is booked,
Too tight to fix your leaking bag.

Your forehead is there for all sujood,
You said it’s your only time to rest
When your last day is by your side.

Your days are numbered, unnoticed
The clock tick all seconds moving you closer
To the day you will travel with your bag.

Your sins hang on your neck like debt
When your Solat is there calling you
Freely to pay your debt without repayment.

Leaking bag cannot load your Ibadah
Five free times to release your life troubles
Few mins for angels to amend your bag.


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