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Sanni Kay Yusuf


That a suurah is dedicated to it shows its indescribable significance. That its suurah is begun with an harfut-taoqeed (a word of emphasis) speaks volume of its unmatched greatness. That it is the Night wherein the Qur’an was revealed signifies its unequalled worth. That it is a Night much more better than a wowing one thousand months – an equivalence of at least 83 long years – is a glaring indication of its worthwhile unavoidability. That the Angels are annually caused to descend therein for the sake of what each person seeks makes that Night a thing of joy. That the Night is peace until dawn shows how specifically special it is to all.


Lailatul Qadr is a Night wherein Allah changes destinies from sourness to sweetness, from negativity to positivity, from nothingness to plentifulness, from entry into Jahannam to entry into Jannah. This is why a muslim shouldn’t take the magnificent Night with a pinch of salt. Remember, it comes only once in 348 days (or more) of the lunar calendar.


The Night is to be vigorously searched for within the last ten days of Ramadan. Seekers of bounties are expected to be awake, especially in the last part of the Night observing nawaafil, reciting the Qur’an and praying tirelessly to their Lord. To achieve the aforementioned to the fullest, i’tikaaf (seclusion in the mosque) is better embraced. However, whoever is constrained by work or office schedule may still have their rewards maximized within the four walls of their abodes. Set your alarm for a reminder. Ask your spouse to help you wake. Ask neighbours to help you up at night. Do not oversleep – that will be injurious. Turn your life around by staying awake all through the 3rd half of the month. Help yourself to be helpful to others. It is time you bade farewell to asking. It is time you end being a receiver. You’ve got to become a giver, too. The Night of majesty is a golden opportunity to make that happen.


Take a cue or clue from the following:


1. Make ablution

2. Observe naflah

3. Do tesbeeh:

– Subhaanallaah

– Alhamdu lillaah

– Allaahu akabar

– Laailaaha illallah

– Astagfirullah

– Allaahumma Solli ‘alaa Muhammadin wa sallim

– Recite the Qur’an (to the best of your ability)

– Pray to Allah for whatever you seek from Him. Remember, do not only pray for worldly benefits. Pray for the gains of the hereafter, too.


May Allah accept our prayers.

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