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Sanni Kay Yusuf


Chairs set. Tables arranged. Mosque outlandishly decorated. Buttocks rolled and chests dangled in dance to bandiri. They say the drum chants Allah’s name. What! Wonder how possible, and how such is impossible for a jazz or a guitar. Palapala!


Chairman of the night, special guest of honour, spiritual and royal fathers of the night, and several others are seated to grace the yearly, very profitable merchandise. Ask them what they are doing. “Lailatul Qadr, of course!” Such is their likely response. Allaahumma sallim!


The holy Prophet was usually on the lookout for the Night. The sahabah would seclude themselves in the mosque expectantly awaiting the Night of Barakah, as bequeathed to them by their model.


At no point did the Prophet or his sahabah preempt Allah by fixing a date for the great Night. They never developed the gut, as it is daringly done today by muslims.


What is on record without any diverse view is that the Prophet as well as his companions would search for the Night till Ramadan reached its tail. So why would any obedient, adherent, compliant, Sharia-abiding muslim do otherwise? Do they want to originate another religion? Apparently, this has no other appellative than bid’ah – innovation.


In search of the Night, muslims are encouraged to go on I’tikaaf (seclusion in the mosque) at the 3rd half of the holy month. Those who are circumstantially disallowed may do the ultimate search at home. Therefore, there is no need for fixing a date for a serious spiritual exercise that is meant to last for days.


It baffles the more when the fixed Night is turned into a party where phenomena alien to Islam are indiscriminately done. Imagine the effrontery with which alfas circumvent Allah’s legislations, all in the name of making money!


May Allah save His religion from the anomalies of mubted’uun – innovators.

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