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Knowledge is a basic necessity that mankind need to enrich their psyche, in order to be among the guided ones in life. The accumulation of this knowledge is what later developed to the intellectual asset of the acquirer of such knowledge. The intellectual capacity of a person depends on the propensity of such personality towards knowledge development.

This knowledge development series is designed to serve as a personal developmental kit. If you are a lover of knowledge, you will learn how to advance your current state of knowledge to the level of the well-versed intelligentsias. Believe me, what you will gain from this kit when properly utilised is more than the time you will spend on reading it. Take this as your development model and you will learn a great deal:
By enhancing your psyche towards craving for beneficial knowledge;
Growing and developing your knowledge; and the enormous benefits and reward that will be accrued to you when you properly apply your acquired knowledge, by practising it yourself and also sharing it to the knowledge enthusiasts.

When a person strive to acquire knowledge, such person has unleashed themself from the word of ignorance and move towards the island of the learned. The presence of knowledge and it’s appropriate utilisation in a person elucidate their mind and make them enjoy the delight of this life.

Do you like to develop your knowledge to make it a beneficial factor of guidance in your life career? Then, reason on this coined analogy on knowledge and how it is being developed.

The Similitude of Knowledge and Seed in a Farmland:

Knowledge as the basic stage to the psyche of human is liken to the seed in plantation. A farmer that intent to plant make preparation for the plantation through the utilisation of the equipment and resources at hand. So also a learner or an acquirer of knowledge prepare themself in using and utilising the organs (ear, eye, mouth, brain, and heart) of acquiring knowledge. Then the acquisition of knowledge in the basic process is liken to the seed which is rooted in the ground for growth to occur. The level of attention given to the knowledge in the process of acquisition will determine the proportion of development achieved in the knowledge.

Having acquired the knowledge, which is the seed rooted in the soil, then the development of the knowledge is required. When the knowledge acquired is well nurtured with the activities of the brain; through rational and logical thought, you will be able to understand the knowledge in the capacity of your psyche.
Understanding of the knowledge is the advanced stage which is liken to the stem of the seed that sprout out from the seed. Hence the understanding is the vantage you get on the knowledge to others who failed to reasoned on their knowledge.

The knowledge understood may not the much beneficial, if it’s not put into practice. That is; utilising the knowledge by oneself and sharing it to others who are interested in gaining insight from the knowledge. When a knowledge is well understood, then this becomes the bedrock for the acquirer to be more efficient in their practice and sharing to others. Doing this will make you to be grounded on the ‘how’ (Wisdom) of the knowledge acquired.
Wisdom of the knowledge is the highest stage which is liken to the branches that spread out from the stem. The vastness of the wisdom is like the vastness of the branches.

What You Need to Know on Knowledge Acquisition.

Knowledge can be classify into two categories; the beneficial knowledge, and the non-beneficial knowledge. As a believer, you will agree with me; the knowledge you need is the one that benefits you in this life and the hereafter. So crave for beneficial knowledge for your lifestyle to be more meaningful; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Those who acquired beneficial knowledge; reasoned on the knowledge for proper understanding; and apply the knowledge in the best way they are capable usually enjoy contented state when this knowledge is well-practised and also shared to people. The contentment is as a result of the positive impact of the knowledge practised and shared on people. You can see that your beneficial knowledge can travel a long way and bring much return for you when people derived wisdom on how to make their life better with the knowledge you shared to them. Hence, knowledge is light that make things clear and open to the minds of those who seek it to enhance their state of living.

You will never know the fruitfulness of knowledge development until you begin to strive in the path of acquiring beneficial knowledge; applying these knowledge to your lifestyle; and then sharing it for the knowledge enthusiasts to benefit from your accumulated knowledge (wisdom).
In the next series, you will learn more about the virtue of knowledge and why you need to crave for knowledge acquisition.

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