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June 3, 2018 Comparative Religion 0


Many a time, the Christian missionaries knock on our doors with their popular code of preaching, that is “Jesus loves you, Jesus died for your sins, Jesus was a perfect sacrifice who took away the original sin we inherited from Adam and Eve as the nemesis of eating the forbidden tree of knowledge, Jesus brought salvation, without accepting Jesus as your personal lord and saviour, you are not going to enter the kingdom of God, because, we can only get to the father through the son. Really? Let’s assume this is right, their is need for perfect sacrifice. But was Jesus truly a sinless human according to the Bible? Was Jesus Christ truly a perfect sacrifice?

The high-soaring flight of thought is, the Christians portray Jesus as a sinless, perfect and good master who is worthy of emulation, but the Bible painted Jesus in such a way that is contrary to what our Christian brethren preach.

First and foremost, before digging the Bible for proofs, let’s check out some verses from the Quran that describes Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) as a virtuous and efficacious Prophet sent by Allah to the Israelites.

Jesus Christ was described as a righteous man, we read

وَزَكَرِيَّا وَيَحْيَىٰ وَعِيسَىٰ وَإِلْيَاسَۖ كُلٌّ مِّنَ ٱلصَّٰلِحِينَ

And Zechariah and John and Jesus and Elias – and all were of the righteous.

Quran 6:85

Jesus commanded his followers to worship Allah alone. Veraciously, this paint Jesus Christ as a believer in monotheism

وَإِنَّ ٱللَّهَ رَبِّى وَرَبُّكُمْ فَٱعْبُدُوهُۚ هَٰذَا صِرَٰطٌ مُّسْتَقِيمٌ

[Jesus said], “And indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is a straight path.”

Quran 19:36

Jesus Christ was a servant of Allah with exemplary conducts who was a made a leader for the Israelites.

إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا عَبْدٌ أَنْعَمْنَا عَلَيْهِ وَجَعَلْنَٰهُ مَثَلًا لِّبَنِىٓ إِسْرَٰٓءِيلَ

Jesus was not but a servant upon whom We bestowed favor, and We made him an example for the Children of Israel.

Quran 43:59

I have now reached the focus of my research. My dear reader should have in mind that, we are trying to figure out two things from the below analysis. One, did Jesus Christ truly cursed the fig tree? If yes, obviously it is a sin against the law of God. Two, there is a discrepancy between the records of Mathew and Mark that I will like to point out. Let’s delve into the Bible for some information as recorded by its authors.

As stated in the gospel of St Mathew, Jesus and his disciples went to Bethany, and they lodged there. It got to a time that, Jesus Christ and his disciples got hooked and pinned by hunger as they were returning to the city, we read

18. In the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered.

19. And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.

20. And when the disciples saw it, they marvelled, saying, How soon is the fig tree withered away!

Matthew 21:18-20

Picture of a withered fig tree

In verse 19 of the above text from the book of Mathew, Jesus destroyed a fig tree by cursing it, and the fig tree withered instantly. Below is a relevant record from another gospel.

We read in the Gospel St mark.

12. And on the morrow, when they were come from Bethany, he was hungry

13. And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet.

14. And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it.

Mark 11:12-14

Neath is a disparateness between the two records.

According to St Mathew;
(And presently the fig tree withered away)

According to St mark;
(For the time of figs was not yet)

Every Christian knew the event happened once, and if truly the event happened once, why would there be differences between these two records? Weren’t they inspired by the Holy Spirit? Isn’t the Holy Spirit one? Isn’t the Holy Spirit perfect?

Did Mathew remove this group of words (For the time of figs was not yet) from the Gospel of St mark? Did the Holy Spirit forgot to inspire St mark to write this down (And presently the fig tree withered away)?

Who recorded the exact event, Mark or Mathew? This is an axe for my dear Christians to grind.

The second puzzle we need to take a look at is, why did Jesus Christ cursed the fig tree? Why can’t he just command the fig tree to bear fruits forthwith? According to St mark in his Gospel, Jesus Christ cursed the fig tree not knowing it was not the time of fig. This shows Jesus Christ is limited in knowledge which runs incompatible with God’s attributes, God is not limited in knowledge, He knows all. This strike the credit that Jesus is God.

There is a law in the Pentateuch (first five books of the Old Testament) that warns against destroying of trees as they might be use for foods, we read

When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it, THOU SHALT NOT DESTROY THE TREES thereof by forcing an axe against them: FOR THOU MAYEST EAT OF THEM, and thou shalt not cut them down (for the tree of the field is man’s life) to employ them in the siege:


In the light of the the Bible, Jesus Christ did contrary to the law in Deuteronomy 20:19 by destroying a tree whilst the law says “Thou shalt not destroy trees”.

As reported in the book of Mathew, Jesus claimed he came to fulfill the laws

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Matthew 5:17

Why did Jesus Christ act against the same laws he came to fulfill? Who is right? I think this is confusing, well that is the Bible for you (Christians)

Such a book that vehemently condemned a Prophet of God should not be trusted. In Islam, we believe Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) to be a righteous messenger of Allah sent to the Israelites during his time. May Allah guide us.

Allahu musta’an

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