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IT WOULD DEFINITELY COME! By Ahmad Bukar (Ibn_Islam)

July 24, 2018 Articles On Islam 0



It is a theme that does not need any logical argument to prove its reality, for the truth has been established in natural occurrence. Even the narrow minded individuals that deny the existence of a Supreme Being acknowledge the fact that It would definitely come and there is no hiding from it.

It is a unanimous consensus that no one disputes on; no Professor in the world, no Scientist in the University, no Priest in the churches, no Rabbi in the synagogues, no Imam in the Masjid differ on the certainty of its arrival. When it comes there will be no excuse to hold it back. Wherever you may be, he will definitely come for you.

Do you want to know who it is?
Then read:
[Surah As-Sajda, Verse 11]
‘”Say: ‘The angel of death, who is set over you, will take your souls, then you shall be brought to your Lord.“‘

So, don’t be deceived by trying to distract yourself from its remembrance, and thinking about this worldly life only. A good remembrance can be deduced from the words of The Most High; Al-Qur’ân Kareem. Give thought to these wordings, as you read through:

Chapter 3:185, 21:35, 29:57:

Every soul shall taste death“.

King will die;
Servant will die;
The Wealthy will die; and
The Destitute will die.

Every soul shall taste death“.


No one can flee from it… And no human can avert it. No power nor might can protect one another, no ties nor relation: “Say, [O Muhammad], Never will fleeing benefit you if you should flee from death or killing; and then [if you did], you would not be given enjoyment [of life] except for a little.” [Surah Al-Ahzab, 33:16]

There is no hiding place. Had there been one;
Submarines in the ocean would have been a safe place,
BUT ALAS!!! People die in it,
Had there been a safe place,
Airplane in space would have being a safe place;
But alas!!!
People are loosing their lives,
Hospital is considered to be a safe place,
People still travel that journey of no return,
There is no place to hide from it,
There is no safe place for everyone!!!


Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction.” [Surah An-Nisa, 4:78]

Death does not exclude anyone. Therefore, we need to be prepared for it, as everyone will be judged as regards how this life is being lived.

May Allāh give us a good end. Amîn!



© Ahmad Bukar (Ibn_Islam)

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