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July 4, 2018 Islamic Poems Science and Technology 0

Swimming through the ocean of doubt,

Drowning in the pool of disgrace

Mentally and physically drained.

Who will she call on or look up to

Her zeal is gone

Deep down in confusion.

Who will be proud to have her?

Is she going to withstand the future?

What about the present torment?

Yet to be dealt with.

Such an unforgettable event

Only the divine miracle protects one’s pride

Being robbed off her right.

The assaulters get not the blame.

And the tears, streaming down has become a routine.

While she becomes the object of mockery

Or, at the least, that of pity.

This is just undescribable

Gender dichotomy, out of dilemma

Such a trauma that deny deserved progress

Who will give a platform for projection?

She has a voice but cannot be heard.

Many of such scenario has resulted to suicide

While some end up with several immoralties.

Yet, very few were able to find their purpose

Despite the trauma.

She needs to walk again, lend a hand.

She walks with dignity and prestige, right from childhood.

Until her pride was forcefully taken away.

Her confidence gradually faded away.

She is still a rightful member

Of the family, the community and the nation.

She should be free and have the utmost support.

Oh Assaulters!

The one whom you stole her dignity,

Remember she’s a mother like your mother

A sister like the one you have.

And someone’s daughter just like you hope to have or has.



Shun being a rapist and support the VICTIMs


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