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May 17, 2018 Middle east Murder 0

Few weeks ago, I was in a commercial vehicle from Enugu to Abuja and the issue of Palestine/Israel came up. It dawn on me once again that some Nigerians have their own fictional version of the conflict that they throw at our faces unintelligently whenever the issue is being discussed. They even believe in claims that not even the Israelis are making.

Some people wonder today how come there existed individuals and institutions (ie. Catholic Church) who initially supported Hitler. Those people hated the Jews so much so that they were not ready to believe the reports of atrocities that the Nazis or they try to rationalise or explain it away by introducing extraneous issues and lumping the issues together unintelligently.

The same thing is happening today. Christians, especially some Nigeria Christians, think they have a religious obligation to support the so called “state of Israel”. Because of their hate for Islam and Muslims nothing Israel do to Palestinians is unjustifiable or cannot be rationalise. Their hatred for Palestinians is justified because in their perverted minds Palestinians are Muslims and Israelis are Christians or something close to it.

The crisis of Muslims in this modern era is that of nagative propagada being thrown at Islam, while the crisis of Christians of this age and time is that they have in the last century submerged themselves in an ocean of ignorance and materialism. In their false sense of safety in ignorance they feel contented.

The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is as simple as this, Israel was created in the 40s in a land that belongs to Palestinians. While the majority of the Jewish population in Israel came all the way from Europe fleeing Hitler’s Nazis. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are Arabs, Muslims and Christians were driven out of their villages and cities and while hundreds of thousands fled to neighbouring countries, hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by the Israelis.

The majority of the Palestinian population are in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and arr Refugees in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon among other countries. Israel is denying over 6 million Palestinain refugees the right to return to their land. The Israeli authority has different rules for the Palestinians remaining in the land, they don’t enjoy the same rights and protection as their Jewish neighbours.

Any time the Palestinians try to resist violently Israel respond with extreme and disapproappriate force, killing even women, children, elderly and handicaps. Palestinians are now engaging in peaceful weekly protest, but that has not stopped Israelis from killing them.

The recent protest in the border of Gaza have led to the killing of over a hundred Palestinians in the last 14 days alone. Not even one Israeli has been wounded let alone killed by Palestinians.

Israel is a terrorist, pirate, an apartheid nation and there are no fancy ways of saying this. If you support Israel today be rest assured that you are not different from those who supported Hitler and his Nazis party.


Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri


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