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IMAM TAWHIDI By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

May 26, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

Sometimes, we seem to erase records of falsehood when a certain truth comes from the same source even though the falsehood persists. This can be further explained with how a habitual liar gains sympathy when he tells a truth seen as a lie. We start to think what we think were lies were misunderstandings.

This article is inspired by the thousands of shares, retweets a certain speech of Imam Tawhidi got. While the speech is correct and reasonable, we need to discuss the person of Imam Tawhidi lest people start to take knowledge from him or see him as an authority in Islam then get lost in the process. This is the quote being shared,


“If Suicide Bombing was a shortcut to paradise, whoever convinced you would have blown himself up before you”

The man, Mohammad Tawhidi is an Iranian-born Australian Shi’ite. Apart from openly propagating the Shiism, he is the President of the Islamic Association of South Australia since its establishment in 2016. This Association has no legitimacy in the Muslim world and Imam Tawhidi is the only known member. He calls himself “The Deputy of The Grand Shi’a Islamic Jurisdiction” and also claims other titles that do not exist in Islam neither can they be traced to Prophet (pbuh) nor the pious predecessors.

According to him, Islam will not survive without a reformation and his own concept of reformation is based of Shiism and “Modernism”. He also stated that Palestine belongs to the Jews. Below are screenshots of his tweets…


Imam Tawhidi on Ali and Jibril


Here, he says, “When Ali (A.S) was struck, Aisha (I.A) went into Sujood… That is why cursing her has become my soul-food

Imam Tawhidi on Aisha


CJ Werleman accuses him of being a fake Imam


CJ Werleman accuses Imam Tawhidi of being a fake Imam


He called Abu Bakr (R.A) and Uthman (R.A) Extremists and Terrorists


He called Abu Bakr (R.A) and Uthman (R.A) Extremists and Terrorists


This article is to sensitize people about Imam Tawhidi and the deviant belief he holds so they are not deceived by a single quote. We ask ALlah to rectify our affairs and not lead us astray. Ameen.


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