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HOW TO SAY NO! IN HONOUR OF FIRDAUS AMASA By Mazeedatulkhayr Bn sa’eed

July 11, 2018 Articles On Islam 0


(In Honour of Firdaus Al-Jannah Abdus Salaam Amasa)

By Abu Mazeedatulkhayr Bn Sa’eed

Nothing is more hypocritical than your refusal to say NO against the reign of evil. It is evil and you know it, but yet you succumb to it and play along simply because it is sweet!

Saying NO does not necessarily require taking up arms against the custodian of evil. Evil should be resisted obstinately, but in a polite manner. It was the Makkan methodology of the holy Prophet Muhammad.

When the Messenger of Allah led a handful of his Muslim disciples to say NO to the Quraishi idol worship in the rebellious city of Makkah, he consequently endured the insults and the pathetic sight of seeing his noble companions suffer persecution for saying NO!

What was the content of that revolutionary NO?

“NO” god is worthy of being worshipped EXCEPT ALLAH. Of course, the NO uttered by the early Muslims was a categorical negation of the idols which dictated the social norms in the pre-Islamic Makkah, while the affirmative phrase, “EXCEPT ALLAH”, is a categorical declaration of faith!

This is the thematic summary of the Holy Quran. It is the Sunnah of Muhammad, may he be blessed. It is the complete message of Islam!

It was explained to us in the simplest language by the scholars of Islam: the martyred Imam Hassan Al-Bannah; Abul A’la Maududi, Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi, the martyr Sayyid Qutb, Allaamah Mustafa Sibaai’, and Sa’eed Hawwah, as well as the gushing ocean of knowledge – Shaykh Yuusuf Al-Qaradawiy.

They’ve all taught us to say NO when and where necessary; and we’ve never regretted learning from them. Firdaus drinks from that same spring. His parents have also sipped from the same fountain. It is a simple declaration of faith which is beneficial to us all today!

The Oyo State Muslim community had once marched for the affirmation of this phrase when the Muslim students demanded the use of hijab. It is also on record that the Muslims of Osun won it as well when they marched for it.

The Muslim Students society of Lagos state had also done a similar thing even with a legal action and they achieved the honour of defeating the reign of kufr in his court. Yet, they were deprived. But they’ve continued to say NO without violence.

It is indeed a peaceable revolution…

And now that the “obstinately polite” manner of saying NO was employed corageously by the well-parented young Muslimah called Firdaus Al-Jannah Amasa to reclaim the honor of modesty for the entire Muslim Ummah, why won’t I celebrate her?

I would celebrate her because I have seen enough of her Muslim age mates languishing aimlessly in ideological penury, creedal waste and empty ambition on the planet earth.

Listen to me…

What this young lady has done for us is indeed a pragmatic way of effectively interpreting our often repeated declaration of faith: “Laa ilaaha illa Allah” – There’s NO god worthy of being worshipped BUT ALLAH, and it is somehow similar to what Tayyeb Erdogan is doing rightnow in Turkey…

Mustafa Kamal Atartuk had collapsed the entire Islamic structure of the Ottoman empire since 1924. He had thus totally emasculated the remnant of Islamic legacy; eradicated the use of hijab and banned the wearing of turban, adhan call from the minaret and even the learning and memorisation of the holy Qur’an.

The Turkish scholar, Mahamet Quds, has confirmed in his book, WA TILKA-L-AYYAAM ( وتلك الأيام) how the European music, soap opera and other cultural filths had taken over the love of the holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah in the minds of the Turkish people.

Prior to the political rise of Erdogan, his daughter called Sumaye Erdogan (Sumayyah) had to travel out and acquire her tertiary education abroad, simply because of the severe ban on the use of hijab in Turkish schools.

With the cruel annulment of Nicmetin’s Islamic Welfare party’s victory at the poll in the early 90s and the subsequent hard-lining posture of the Felicity party; and then, the Virtues party which the Turkish liberal minds refused to welcome, Tayyeb Erdogan and Abdullahi Gul re-emerged with the moderate AKP.

But what have they achieved by obstinately saying NO in a polite manner?

With the Islamist Tayeb Erdogan in power, the use of hijab in public places was gradually restored, so much that even the President’s wife now goes about in the clothe of honour. Turkish children were enrolled in the hitherto infamous Imam Hatib Qur’anic school (which had been completely eradicated some 87years ago by the Kamalists).

Islamic scholars are now accorded their place of honor (whereas thousands of them were brutally slaughtered like chickens in the early 20s). Today, as I script the post, the pro-Atartuk military of Turkey is already imbibing the Islamic value of saying NO to the evil of judeo-christian mentality of the western culture!

This, coupled with the unprecedented rapid growth in economic prosperity enjoyed by the people of Turkey under the reign of Islamic value, has placed the new Sultan in the right place to lead the global Ummah to the paradise on earth!

The Muslim Turkey is thus gradually becoming the new face of the Islamic cultural heritage without firing a single shot to reclaim it’s honour. Of course, the honour and dignity of a Muslim lie in being wholeheartedly subservient to Allah and His Messenger!

This is the same honour which the young Firdaus has accorded us all. You can indeed do same to yourself and the entire Ummah by always concealing your beauty or adornment, rather than flaunting it on a flimsy threat.

You should rather insist on answering your Muslim names. You must puplicly identify with Islamic culture and courageously kill the devil-inspired sense of shame, wherever you are. The strongest man is he who stands alone on righteousness in the days of threats!

Therefore, do not allow any kind of threats, intimidation or temptation to hold you back when it is time to observe any obligatory duty imposed by Allah. You must always tell the world loud and clear that you are a Muslim, even if you are the only one, for if you do not say you are here, they will never say you are there!

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