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Most of us have seen people die. We have buried our loved ones but we seem to quickly forget what a great reminder the grave is. Everyone knows death is inevitable and unpredictable but the problem everyone is facing, the biggest disease in our hearts is that for some reasons (by the way we reason ) we think this would never happen.

I wanna join my husband, wife, children, I have plans for tomorrow, I wanna plan for Ramadan , ‘Eid, Hajj, plan for next year, take my kids to university when they grow up, I will marry them off, I will see my grand-kids; these are the biggest shaytan destroying our deen.

Every single day, God is showing us signs, kids are passing away, old, teenagers are passing away daily, when are we going to wake up? When are we going to actually realize that there’s no guarantee for tomorrow?

Death is very very close. No one would take his wife(ves), kids, cars, houses, money with him, then why should these factors hinder us from totally submitting to the will of God? No matter how much our wife(ves), husband, children, friends love us, they would not volunteer to be buried with us..

What remains??

The fear of God you had on earth, the solah you used to observed,

The charity you gave for God’s sake

All good deeds you did with the intention of pleasing God, these are our Eternal properties

Don’t allow shaytan fool you, let him not deceive you, that hey!, don’t worry, tomorrow is another day, you will become religious one day, there’s still Space for repentance.

Nowadays, you see people scared of talking, reading or listening about death topics just because they do not want their illusions and fantasies to be destroyed whereas death is a reality!!

Maybe we may not make next Ramadan, some may not make next ‘Eid, some may not even make tomorrow…. You need not fear, let’s us turn to Allah before we return to him… Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

When and how the die matters not so far as we die submitting to the will of ALLAH (SWT).

Thank you, jazakumLlahu khairan!!!

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  1. Uwais Usman says:

    Alhamdulillah. May Allah the Exalted and Mighty keep us in constant remembrance about Him

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