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November 24, 2018 Comparative Religion Rebuttals 0

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At this juncture, a normal thinking individual should ask, which Bible was used to decide the divinity of Jesus Christ? Bible was canonised 68 years after Nicene Creed was formulated. What a fraud!

But how did this signed paper became bound on all bishops? It was money. Money answereth all things! Those who danced to the tune of Constantine and his team were paid handsomely, those who were against were sent out and got excommunicated.

Eusebius- who opened Nicea with a long introduction of Constantine — himself was a secret Arian. Thus, Eusebius becomes an example of a signatory to Nicea who then years later fought for Arius to be reinstated — Eusebius showing his hand only after years of effusive loyalty earning Constantine’s favor. Eusebius convinced Constantine to let Arius back into the empire, and to be bishop. This was done in Eusebius’ direct attack on Athanasius in 334-335 at two synods. Constantine then called an assembly at Jerusalem which ended in restoring “Arius and his followers to assembly.”  source?
The Catholic Encyclopedia at page 619 in its article “Eusebius” which it wrote to its great embarassment.

Then Constantine soon thereafter died. What was Eusebius doing? He had stayed hidden until he gained Constantine’s trust.

As Jerome a generation later said: “Eusebius is the most open champion of the Arian heresy” (Jerome Epist. 84, 2). The editors of the Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers comment on this, and say Eusebius “in effect denies the trinity.” (See E. Christopher Reyes, In His Name (2010) at 179, quoting Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers Vol. I, at 323-24.)

Before this Nicene scriptorial event, there was an already agreed “APOSTLE’S CREED” formulated earlier before 325AD. The apostles Creed never said Jesus is Divine. why the sudden change in the fourth Century? APOSTLES Creed was used for centuries before the fraud of Nicene Creed. In it, Jesus was said to be only a son of God (I already explained what that truly means). He wasn’t by anyway said to be divine at all. But the Nicene Creed said Jesus is the Lord, which is equally divine with the father.

If you have been following this piece from the very start, you must have notice that I didn’t mention the Holy spirit, the third of the Trinity. I didn’t forget to mention it, just that it wasn’t part of the result of the debate at Nicea, it was formulated later.

Have you heard of Niceno -Constantinopole? That was the council that held meeting in 381AD, that was when the holy spirit became the third of the Trinity.
The most notable difference is the additional section “And [we believe] in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver-of-Life, who proceedeth from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, who spake by the prophets.

At the council of Nicea, Jesus was made divine fraudulently, 56 years later, holy spirit became the third the Trinity. Very very interesting! Isn’t it?

Bible was not canonised until after the council at Nicea. Definitely they didn’t use Bible but their canal knowledge. It will not be fallacious to conclude that, the canonisation of the Bible was based on this council report, they used only what they wanted to use, and discarded what would be against their fraud. If that wasn’t the case, where is the Gospel according to Thomas? What of The Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ? And so on.

Constantine has no spiritual, commonsensical, logical, ideological, moral, and divinely ratified right to decide who Jesus is. He was a pagan!

They used the word homoousios (“of one substance”) into a creed (the Nicene Creed ) to signify the absolute equality of the Son with the Father.
A challenge to the Christians, if the Nicene creed was not to “Christianize” paganism, kindly show me where the word “HOMOOUSIOS” is used in the Bible if Bible was used to equate Jesus with the father at Nicea in 325AD.
I don’t mind if it is new testament or old.

Jesus is not God. He never said he was God. He only became God in the Fourth century.
Constantine made his way into Christianity by buying the conscience of certain bishops. Why on earth would an important debate about Jesus Christ would be done behind the Pope? Something is definitely wrong. Constantine a pagan signed Jesus to be divine?

Why should even the divinity of Jesus brings argument if at all he was God? A God that was breast-fed? Excreted? He even got missing and his parents were worried over him. A God could be missing? His parents knew he was God yet they were looking for a missing God?

Did he (Jesus) forget his identity here?

As it is, you are looking for a way to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do such things. (John 8:40)

Christians wish such a verse do not exist. It is really a bad market for them when talking about Jesus.
Jesus by no means claimed mysticism or held his followers to worship him. It is the misconstruction and mistaken knowledge of the Church which says this.

Jesus says…

“My Father is greater than I” (John 14:28)

“My Father is greater than all” (John 10:29)

“I cast out devil by the spirit of God” (Matthew 12:28)

By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me”
(John 5:30)

And here is a testimony about his personality…

“Ye Men of Israel listen to this, Jesus of Nazerath was a man amongst you approved by God by wonders, miracles & signs which God did by him & your witnessed to it” (Acts 2:22)

The only way christians will deny the above verses is to tell us we shouldn’t use canal knowledge to interpret Bible. To them Bible is a book of the spirit, and must only be understood by spiritual people. Then one need to ask, what is then the need to go out to preach what people will not understand unless they have the spirit?
Stop deceiving yourselves, this is 21st century!


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