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October 27, 2018 Family and Marriage 0

Assalaam alaekum waramotullahi wabarakatu.

Many a time, we find new dates, newly-weds and married couples wrongly use the word sweetheart for their loved one. However, this short article would address this lovable praise which I would advice we use for our precious sisters.

When you walk into a shopping mall or perhaps go to a retail shop like an ‘aboki’, desiring to get yourself sweet. What would you look out for?

I believe no sane mind would go for sweet which has no wrapper or one which is half-wrapped but devoured by ants. Every sane mind would go for those that are beautifully wrapped with very attractive wrappers. This what would attract the eyes first before taste comes in.

This is how our precious sisters are. The sweets not with wrappers or half-wrapped but devoured by ants are our sisters who put on worldly clothes or clothes which expose their body parts. The ants are we men who prey on these women who dress inappropriately. We men lust after what we see and these women loose their pride and value.

The sweets which are beautifully wrapped with attractive wrappers can be compared to our beautiful sisters who are Hijabites who have preserved their body only for that man who would marry them and who would solely have a taste of them. They have avoided the ants or men-preys who lust after what they see.

May Allah continue to bless our Hijab-Muslimahs.



By Funsho Animashaun

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