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HOST A REVERT THIS ‘EID (Eid-il-Adha 1439AH/2018)

July 19, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

As it is the will of Allah, people are embracing Islam in multitude, willingly and publicly abandoning their old faith for this path of felicity. AlhamduliLlah

Most times, these reverts are the only existing Muslims in their family and thereby being subjected to psychological torture especially during ‘Eid when people celebrate with their families and these reverts have no family to celebrate it.

Being alone on ‘eid can lead to a feeling of dissociation, loneliness and maybe sadness on ‘ Eid day! AudhubiLlah!

Therefore, any Muslim who wishes to host a revert this ‘Eid, and any Revert who would love to be hosted are invited to indicate interest and submit details {Name, Address and Phone number} to any of the phone numbers below via WhatsApp or SMS

Johnson AbdulAzeez : +2348179398383

Qaasim Ameenah : +2347032404324

We plead for earnestness to enable us carry out the necessary structural planning.

May Almighty Allah spare us till the day of ‘Eid and beyond. AMEEN.

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