As salaam alaykum wa rahmatuLlaah wa barakaatuHu

A group of Muslims who understand the usual circumstances surrounding the eid celebration of reverts is volunteering to host any Muslim revert this eid ul adha in sha Allaah. The hosting locations cut across Lagos and other states in sha Allaah.

Are you a Muslim revert? Do you wish to celebrate with your brothers and sisters in faith? Please feel free to send a mail to : with the subject EID UL ADHA and stating your name, phone contact, location and other information in the body of the mail.

Also, in a bid to increase the number of available hosts and widen the hosting location we are calling on volunteers who have facility and capacity to host a revert to also contact : with the subject : VOLUNTEER HOST.

The body of the mail should include introduction of the volunteer, the location, phone number and the maximum number of reverts to host.

You can also message through WhatsApp:
Ajisafe ( +2348083866414)

May Allaah accept our ibaadah.

Eid Mubarak in advance!!!


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