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August 10, 2018 My Hijab/Niqob Chronicles 0

An Australian niqabi woman shared a video telling how she reacted to hate with love and good character after a woman insulted her in a mall while she was shopping.

“… Whilst I was shopping, this lady actually asked me to get out that ‘how could you ever be allowed in this place with this thing on your face’. I said excuse me, what makes you think you’re the one who decides who comes in here and who doesn’t? And she said ‘no, you should not be allowed anywhere in public places in Australia with this thing on your face’. I don’t know what got into me, I just had to give her a hug. I said, ‘sister can I please give you a hug’ And I just gave her a hug. I hugged her and Subhaanallaah it was amazing how she just burst out crying on my shoulder. She just cried and cried and cried her heart out,” she continued.

“And then I just lifted up my niqab and I told her, ‘sister, I’m not doing this out of oppression, I’m doing this out of my own choice’ and she started crying even more.”

” I said ‘why are you so upset?’ And she said ‘because she just saw a documentary this morning about how Muslim women are forced and oppressed to wear the hijab and this thing on your face and they’re raped and things like that”

“ I said ‘that’s exactly why you have so much hate, because you are watching these things on the media and you believe these things on the media’. I said I’m a Journalist and I know how much filth and how much bias that goes on behind the screen. You know, to get that out there, to change and brainwash the people, the minds of people in the world. And she was so amazed that we could speak English… Subhaanallaah, she had a different picture of us – of the Muslim women. And she apologized to me, hugged me and Subhaanallaah, she kept thanking me for telling her…. ”

According to her, she invited the non-Muslim woman over for a program that night and she was willing to attend.

“It’s amazing what akhlaq (good manners) can do, it’s amazing what good character can do. It’s absolutely amazing what just a hug and smile can do. Loosen up, loosen up and have good character and you’ll conquer the world with that,” she advised.

Watch  How a Niqabi reacted to hate

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