Hijab And Law School’s Sword By Adeola Soetan

Amasa Firdaus.

All Barriers of Rights and reedoms Must be Broken!

Genuine Human Right Activists should see the needless Hijab issue in the ‘Lawless School’ beyond religion but Rights.

It is a battle between Convention and Constitutionalism, between Tradition and Change, pure and simple.

If we all are slavishly tied to convention, then humanity is doomed. As ex-student activists, we broke almost all university’s conventions, rules including matriculation oaths by organising protests, lecture boycotts, barricades and associate freely under students’ unionism against authority’s rules.

As working class activists , we break all rules of engagement, General Order, statutory proclamations, anti-labour policies and actions of employers and government, notwithstanding they are the ‘constituted authority’. If we say because that is the rule, so we have to obey at all times, then we are dead and rotten.

So, I’m surprised that some radical ex-student activists, labour leaders, lawyers and ‘human right’ activists were condemning the hijab lady because ‘she broke a tradition and convention’. Some even declared shamelessly that she is not fit to be a lawyer and not disciplined enough to be initiated into the Cult of the Nobles. What an anal reasoning!
So because of her hijab defying a school’s convention (not constitution or any law o!), her six years of academic rigour should come to nought.

Only ‘Jankariwo’ activists lacking perspective and ideological commitment to rights and freedoms are gifted with this kind short sightedness.

Any activist worth the name will not see the issue from purely religious perspective (as the hihab lady , her supporters and antagonists are doing) but as a window of opportunity to widen the vista of democratic rights and Freedoms and smash all punitive rules of law school and other ‘slavish professional centers’.

Ours is to elevate discussions beyond pedestrian level, leave religion to adherents and merchants and unite the people on important issue of fundamental human rights.

Credits: Aledeh.com


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