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HAS IT REALLY CHANGED by Oluwatoyin yusuf

August 28, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

Has it really changed – Olawatoyin Yusuf

Has It Really Changed?

A friend told his story as a Youth Corp member in Abia in 1997.He was doing ablution and some gathered round him watching. The population of the audience grew by the time he started praying.

After the prayers, expectedly, they sought to know what he was doing! They had never heard about Islaam before! 21 years ago.

Another told a similar but slightly different one. He served in Akwa Ibom in 2007,ten years later. One day, the child of his landlord saw him performing ablution and watched him pray.

After the prayers, the child asked questions. After the Corp member’s explanations about being a Muslim…the boy dropped a bomb.

“Please, show me your gun, where do you keep your gun?”

The landlord got to know and summoned my friend. “So you are a Muslim and you are peaceful like this?!”

Here we are in the South West. Muslims fight each other over lengths of trousers,beards and colours of hijaab. We quarrel over whether or not to wear cap and shirts.

In Nigeria, there are areas where Islaam is not yet known as there are areas where they have different perceptions about Islaam.

We still have to set forth at dawn for we have much ground to cover.

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