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GRATEFULNESS By Abdullah Al-junayd

September 13, 2018 Islamic Poems 0


Are we truly grateful for all the wonders in our lives?
Is it not worthy to be grateful for being alive?
We fall sick, yet we are still alive and healthy,
Many were not ill before they found themselves beneath the earth.

Should we not be grateful for the peaceful rest?
Bringing us back alive, is it not worthy of thanks?
Those that did not wake are not criminals.
Coming back to life is not by our power.

Do we thank Allah for the position we are?
For there are many who wish to be where we are.
We are there not because we are sinless.
That is why we must show Allah our gratitude.

Should we not be grateful to Allah for not making us a mushrik
There are many in the graves that wish they were Muslims
And many are Muslims who have jumped fence
It is not because they have lost their sense.

When the Sahaabah were experiencing difficulties in Makkah,
They never cease to say AlhamduliLlah.
For Allah is ready to do more for those that appreciate.
So we should not be among those that depreciate.

© Abdullah Al-junayd

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