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Ghareeb EID reads Day 1, batch 2.

August 21, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

Day 1, batch 2.

SOMEDAY- by: Lan Rey Hassan

Someday, you will hold your
daughter in your palm and cry,
looking for answers in the cheerful
spark lingering about her eye,
-to how many such beauties were
buried in an Arabian desert
besprinkled with antique dust

Someday, you will hear her cry,
in the warmth of your embrace
telling you of flowers plucked in
empty rooms, and you will not
ask if flowers have branches that
spread into empty rooms, because you remember
the girl whose flower you
plucked at sixteen in the silence
of the night, because her
father said her garden was
not cultivated yet, too young,
to be willed to you.

Her sobbing would wrench at
your heart, and you will cry
thinking of the baby girls buried
alive, in an Arabian desert,
crying against the pitch of their
voices while their fathers laughed,
thinking of the girls whose
flowers were plucked before
they blossomed.

Someday, you will watch her
smile- Her eyes breaking
into a night sky, you will marvel
at her beauty, and wish to be by
the one who saved beauties
like her from being buried alive,
-in Jannah, and pray to see the one
who- promised revenge for those
who were.

Quran 81:8-9 “And when the female infant buried alive is asked,” “For what sin was she killed? ”
Lan Rey Hassan is a Ghareeb poet and a fellow at
Join him on Facebook.

. The Streams that Glow: by Ahmad Abdussamad

They are
together like a stream
washing filth away
From hearts of all men
5 times a day
How then
would it be
for them to fail to stream
Once, twice or thrice,
for days, weeks or months,
across the hearts of men,
So dark would be the stench,
nefarious and staunch,
dirtied and stained,
the hearts of men would dim,
would it,
then not be,
a bounty so bein,
5 times a day,
a single flow unmissed,
for the hearts of all of men,
would be lustred in glow

– Ahmad Abdussamad is a young Nigerian poet.

. IT’S ANOTHER EID by: Sulaiman Hassan Ibrahim

Alhamdulillahi! It’s another Eid,
Happy and joyous we are, indeed.
Fights and wars here, we do not need,
Let the slaves be freed
For Islam is a religion of good deeds.

At all stops are foods for feed-
ing, wives dressed in good beads,
To Allah’s instructions they heed.
Alhamdulillahi, it’s another Eid.

Islam permits us to breed,
We should beget and have kids.
Let us place before Allah all our needs,
And His instructions we should strictly heed.

Let’s be passionate and let’s not be greed-
y, Islam is fast growing and getting geed
with activities demonstrating peace.

Written by:
Sulaiman Hassan Muhammad.
contact him via email:

. Behold the good news- Aaminah Qaasim.

For the one who wishes her heart could be read
and mind could be read.
who craves help, …screaming, in silence.
For all those whose trauma cannot be explained.
And those whose mouths are too light for the heavy words.

Behold the good news,
for your wishes have long been granted
There is ONE who can read your mind without speaking hate.
who understands that your mind works differently
who stated that His help is near.
While experiencing the trauma, He was right there.
And I tell you, you don’t need to open your mouth before He knows.

Shall I tell you about the one who created your heart?
Instilled thought in your mind?
Assisted you without expecting returns?
Heal your trauma and make you whole again?

Your Lord is never tired to listen,
And when you can’t speak,
Convert your fears to tears.
Each and every drop of it. He understands.
Say some words of prayer.
Empty your affairs into his domain.

He perfected the health of Daud
Daud persevered and prayed.
He saved Yunus from the belly of three fishes.
Yunus seek forgiveness and prayed.

He granted Muhammad SAW victory.
Muhammad was patient and placed his hope in Allaah!
Allaah is sovereign, and He only needs to say
“Be” and it will be.

Aaminah Qaasim- Fellow at

 O’ALLAH!!! by Abdul kabir Bello

O’Allah the one,
Myself is surrender to thee,
Mould me once again,
As thou hath when I am but dust;
When I have feelings not.

When I can decide not for thee,
Nor seek anything of worth nor value,
Nor can I chose my driver(mother)
Down the narrow path to this dangerous world,
Yet, ye have set me upon the right path.

O’Allah, I called upon thee,
Truly majesty is ye;
The beneficent, Merciful,
The Lord of mankind,
You alone will I worship and,
On you will I seek help.

Thee that have decided the good for me,
When I have no tongue to
twist in my precious mouth,
Do for me what I seek from ye,
From thy Glorious House
I seek mercy tonight;

Bless me far beyond
What I can’t imagine;
Do my likes and push dislikes,
Away far where I can’t perceive,
Ye that do for me what’s good
When I can’t oblige.

Do for me now,
The request of which I beg.
Moulds me to my *utmost*
Satisfaction and to thine

. Dead, by: Khadeejah Olaleye

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone

Silence the piano with muffled drums

Bring out the coffins, let the mourners come

Let the airplane circle, roaring overhead

Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead

Put the bows round the white neck of doves

Let the guards were black cotton gloves

The stars are not wanted now, put out everyone

Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun

Pour away the oceans and sweep away the woods

For nothing now can come to any good

Malakul Mawt has done his job

All there is left is to sob

For he is dead

His soul with the HEAD, Allah.

Khadeejah Olaleye is a teenage Muslim poet and short story writer from Nigeria. Follow her works on Wattpad @enamored beauty

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