Sanni Kay. Yusuf

When the one who is supposed to be modelled is not worth the honour, the resultant effect is injurious decay in values on the part of the vulnerable.

A lot of women teach Islamic Studies, but the insignia that simply, explicitly projects them as Muslims is a mirage. Their dressing is usually devoid of hijab. I wonder if they hate it as done the Body of Benchers in the case of Barr Firdaus Amasa.

What exactly are they teaching of Islamic Studies when they aren’t exemplary to their students? I fear that such misrepresentatives will hold vehemently and passionately teach their students that the aforementioned barrister whose name now flies in the air on account of his dogged refusal to pull off her hijab at the Call to Bar ceremony acted ultra vires and extremely, too. I will not be startled if such cheater-teachers infect their students with the viral thought that it was no big deal for the legal pundit to have complied with the draconian ‘rule’ for the few hours the programme would span.

Isn’t it likely that the cheaters in question would twist to their whims the interpretation of Qur’an 24 Verse 31, where the least of hijab length is elucidated, and of course, Qur’an 33 Verse 59, where the donning of jilbaab is obligatorily emphasised. I fear that such persons would speak otherwise regarding the verses, because they flout the divine injunction.

There is the need for certain criteria to be fulfilled before teachers are absorbed to take up Islamic Studies – one is dressing in tandem with the Islamic standard. How on earth will a female Islamist clothe her body without hijab on? That defies logic.

When a non-muslim sees an Islamic Studies teacher dressed up without the hijab donned, it is apparently a point of reference to him that Barr Firdaus is an extremist – after all, the one who is supposed to know better does take it with a pinch of salt. So why would Firdaus be unnecessarily adamant?


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