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FACE THE REALITY By Ahmad Bukar (Ibn_Islam)



It is the way of our Creator to develop men in stages: as an infant, one is helpless and needing assistance for our care, crying is mostly our channel of communication for all our needs and feelings.

The sun at the zenith… Then comes the age of strength; physical health and mental capablity. We love this stage and we are not thinking that it is for a limited time, just like the first stage; It has its blessings and challenges associated with it.


Then comes the age of realisation (adulhood): we accept the reality at this stage but most of us are not well equipped for this stage because we have misused out of the stage that should have been used for preparation (The youth mentality of health and wealth here).


Many of us are not ready for the respectable ripe old age and so we begin the altering stage: we dye our beard, we wear it stylishly as if to stay forever young but, deep down in our mind we know that we have reached a point of no return that most of what we seek for is unattainable. Alas! Even we still yearn for it!


The stage of diminishing return…

This is brought home when we no longer have the strength and agility that we used to have. Our sight and hearing lose their sharpness and we begin an unwanted weight reduction regimen, there is decline in memory, the sun is declining fast!


My LORD said:

[Ar-Room, Verse 54]

Allah is the one who created you from weakness, then after weakness strength, then after strength weakness and white hair. He creates what He wills, and He is the Knowing, the Competent.


Make no mistake, it is the way of our Lord, none of us will live for ever! It is the wheel of nature: Hear the Qur’ān:


[An-Nahl, Verse 70]

And among you is he who is reversed to the most decrepit [old] age so that he will not know, after [having had] knowledge, a thing. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Competent.


If one is lucky to have found oneself in that stage, then one is blessed.

And it is among the bounties of our Lord, if we will be grateful or be ungrateful.


May Allāh grant us tawfeeq to remember Him,thank Him and worship Him in the best of manners and grant us a good ending. Birahmatika Yā arhamar  Raheemīn.



© Ahmad Bukar (Ibn_Islam)

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