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May 7, 2019 Articles On Islam 0

A bus with an inscription, “Centre for eradication INNOVATION and establishing SUNNAH” is being criticized by many non-Muslims, consequently, Islam is being bashed.

When we do not know, it is important that we ask lest we make a fool of ourselves. However, I do not blame the Christians who sincerely wonder why a religion with over one billion followers would be anti-innovation. The Islamic organization with this name can make amends by using the term Bidi’ah instead of innovation given the society we are in.

It is no longer news that some non-Muslims so much despise Islam that they would not hesitate to bash Islam at any given chance. Consequently, they make a mess of themselves in that their bigotry makes useless any form of education they had.

In Islam, many words have linguistic and Shari’ah meaning just as some words have legal meanings too. Examples are assume, bail, brief, sentence, count, counsel, etc. These words mean something different to one who is not familiar with the law.

In Islamic law, bid’ah denotes any newly invented matter that is without precedent and is in opposition to the Qur’an and Sunnah. It is this bid’ah بدعة‎that was translated to innovation in the inscription on the bus.

To think, imagine or say that Islam frowns against innovation, civilization is false. However, we need to define what the civilization is. If civilization is homosexuality, nudity, interest, then Islam frowns at these.

My friend Albert Akanbi, a Christian decided to compare Israel (Jews) to Arabs (Muslims), according to his own definition of religion and civilization. I wonder why he did not talk about Christianity and Christians instead of Judaism and Jews. Too bad for one who refuses to be a slave of God but makes himself a slave to the Jews.

Those who know, the learned know about Islamic civilization and the impact in our world today. Perhaps I will write an article on that though there are hundreds of books already.

Conclusively, if you ask Geoffrey Hill and Paul Samuelson what interest means, they probably would tell you different meanings.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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