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September 4, 2018 Articles On Islam Comparative Religion 0

Some days ago, my mum told me she overheard one of my neighbors saying ” The last vigil was boring and near empty, because the majority of the usual attendees were Muslims and had all gone home to celebrate the Eid il Kabir festival.”

That’s it! How your eeman is taken away while you still believe you have it. It is evident from the above statement that these set of people are known Muslims who are aware (to an extent) of their Islamically mandated duties yet, sees nothing wrong in joining the church for a vigil.

Most likely, it all started under the guise of “we worship the same God”. When Islam has clearly warned us against invoking any other aside Allah. How then do you justify praying in Jesus name which is an incumbent part of every church? Not to talk of the clear discrepancies in the description of God in the Bible as compared with the Quran.
Do you go to church to worship a crucified God? A God that rested and refreshed? A God that anxiously screamed for help while in the grasp of his enemies? Or tripled personality? A God that needed human being dead before forgiving us?

When The Quran has beautifully described Allah as inexhaustible, All-knowing, All-seeing, All hearing, Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. Subhanallah. He begets not nor was He begotten! Allahu Akbar!

While encouraging you to just join the prayer session without necessarily denouncing your faith. Unknowing to you, your drum of faith started leaking until you become an empty drum. Then you heard that the Solat genuflection is not necessary as it is the things of old only found in the old testaments. Without being told that the Malachi 3:10 (Bring your tithe to the house of the Lord) is also in the old testament.

Without much ado, if you are part of those who sees nothing wrong in attending prayer sessions in churches while still claiming the Islamic identity. You need to sit down and seriously reflect. This is a clear form of shrik and it is the only sin Allaah SWT will not forgive if such person refuses to repent sincerely. Death awaits no man. It could be your turn tomorrow. Do you want to die empty thinking you are full?
There is no salvation elsewhere, except in Islam and it is the only religion that will be accepted on the day of recompense.


Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere

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