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It is a well known fact that mankind nature is made up of two parts; the physical (body) and the spiritual (soul).
Many people we know show the sign of being healthy physically and this can be apparent when we see them facially. However, some people are physically healthy yet sick spiritually; these people talk and react as normal human being would do. It is not as if these people are completely healthy, they are only showing the sign of healthiness of the body part of mankind. What about the soul? The two part has to be aligned for complete working of mankind.


Some may also be healthy and wealthy physically, but this is not the basic of being fully alright and it doesn’t translate to the healthiness and wealthiness of the soul. Money may only be a source of cure for sickness of the body, if Allah wills. Soul unlike body do not need much material nourishment, as such money cannot cure the disease of the soul. Although certain materials is needed to keep the body online and for the soul housed within the body to keep working properly, but only little material will perfect the working of the soul of mankind. An exemption to this is Ruqya (spiritual prayer) recitation by the (Islamic) religious professional in the field. In this case, the material wealth may also be useful in paying the religious professional that perform such spiritual cure.


We will find many corrupt people acting and reacting like normal human beings in the public, but we never know what they indulged in while alone; only to know soon or later that such people are involved in some unethical acts. Many people we find in this category are; thieves, corrupt politicians, liars, usury takers, deceivers, fornicators, materialist, feminist, cheaters, fraudsters, gamblers, selfish person, greedy person, and other performers of immoral act. Don’t mind their physicality, they really need help.


The Creator has given the Muslims excellence title, as “the best mankind on earth“. Muslims are given this title because the creator enjoin some rights, duties, and obligations on us, part of which is; ‘enjoining good (righteous conduct) and forbidden evil (indecency) act by mankind, that may spread corruption on earth. We should know that this title is only for those that take up the roles of calling towards righteousness and restraining indecency.


If you are a Muslim and you noticed any sick minded person with the categories stated, do not abuse, condemn or chastise such people in the first place, try as much as you are capable to correct first, then pray for those people. This is because sickness of the soul is not easily known and easily cured like that of the body. We do not want to be affected by the evil among the jinnkind, hence, we seek the ‘Refuge of the Creator of all’ from any devilish act that make try to woo us. Āmīn



🖋: AbdulKabir A. Yusuf

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