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BODY AND SOUL: THE DIFFERENCE IN FORM By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

August 10, 2018 Civilization House Of Salam (HOS) Islamic Poems Self Development 0


Inferencing on; Intention to Reaction, Inclination to Decision, and Predestination to Justification.


This is a poetic formation as a reminder for us to be conscious of the activities we give in to, as this will definitely affect the justification of our deeds on the day of judgement. Activities of mankind is categorized into two; the Good (righteous) and the bad (evil). So it is good and fine to make a careful rumination before consenting to any idea that pop up or become apparent to us. The basis of being given the choice of either taking the good side or the bad side, amount to the reason mankind must pass through the justification of deeds before being granted the reward in respective with the result in their record.


The Body; a physical part of mankind that cover the soul for Protection,
The Soul; a spiritual part of mankind that inhabit in the body as its Station,
As the two basis that formed mankind to reach the stature of Perfection,
Successful is he who purify his body and soul, and save himself from Corruption,
And destroyed is he, who consented to his whims and give in to Oppression,

Body as a part of human is much driven by the activities related to Fashion,
Soul as the other part of human is driven by the activities related to Notion,
Be careful of the activities that you engaged in for it comes in your Inclination,
As what one inclined will be an element in the main focus of one’s Attention,
Because that which we attended will eventually come in our Inspiration,


What we inspired will then come into play and infused in our Aspiration,
That which one aspire then become part of what drives one’s Intention,
The intention afterwards is included and modelled in our Resolution,
What one resolute on is then likely to become the base for one’s Decision,
Whereas our decision is unwittingly and relatively shown in our Action,

And our intention make us responsible for the outcome of our Actions,
For it’s recorded that all actions are judged according to one’s Intention,
And intention plus action is part of what determine our life Situation,
As other situations in life has already been decreed in Predestination,
For situations in life is part of what drives the level of our Reaction,


So one should be mindful on how to react to what comes in one’s life Situation,
As the situation can either be a return in relation to our intention or Action,
Perhaps, also a thing that has already been predetermined in Predestination,
For these are parts of human life that warrant one to go through Justification,
So that we may be aware of life situation and trail on the path of Perfection,

The piece is not a mixture of false dream intended to make a Confusion,
Neither was it an illusion formed for the sake of making an Impression,
But insightful points conveying an inferential and enlightening Information,
For the sinners to repent sincerely to Allah and admit to make Confession,
In order to attain pardon and mercy from Allah, as to him belong all Absolution,


For the spiritual and physical organ that is sick and has given in to Deformation,
To be awaken from slumber and strive to go through the phase of Reformation,
And those already informed to progress and transform for better Transformation,
And to protect the body and soul from anything that can lead one to Destruction,
For our life on earth to be pure and our deeds to coincide with Allah’s Satisfaction,

Our Lord, grant our soul the sense of righteousness and for your Purification,
For it is you alone we worship, and you alone we seek for needs in Supplication.
Ease our task, and make our deeds among the ones that meet your Acclamation,
Guide us in the path that is straight and take our soul in the state of Submission,
And make us among those that will receive ‘As-Salam Alaykum’ as their Salutation.



The reference is an insight from the Qur’ân and Sunnah in the form of an Adaptation


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