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Biography of Alhaji Tijani Massa

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Alhaji Tijani Massa, is a religious and political leader in Saki, an ancient town in Oyo State. According to reports, Alhaji Tijani Massa popularly known as Baba Massa is one of the oldest living people in Saki, Oyo State.


  • Background
  • Alhaji Tijani Massa and Saki Town
  • Titles
  •  Children and grandchildren





Alhaji Tijani Massa, is a religious and political leader in Saki, an ancient town in Oyo State. According to reports, Alhaji Tijani Massa popularly known as Baba Massa is one of the oldest living people in Saki, Oyo State.

According to reports, the exact date of birth of Alhaji Tijani Massa is not known. His father’s name is Alufa Ashiru and his mother, Kosenat Ashiru . He is from Ile Eebo Arogunde, Imale Falaafia known as Isale Abudu, Saki. He was reported to have said that he did not grow up to know his father and till his death, he never got to see him. He was said to have been of age during the time of one Imam Musa who was the chief imam of Saki town at that time. Also, during the reign of Oba Larinre, he was old enough to know the King. Oba Larinre reigned till March 1915.

He got married in 1942 and subsequently married three more wives. He was said to have had his first child in 1943. At the time of writing this biography, three of his wives had died.

  • Alhaja Muinatu Amoke died in 1996
  • Alhaja Sikirat died in 1998
  • Alhaja Rabiat Awele died in 2012


Alhaji Tijani massa did not have any Western Education rather he went to a Madrasah owned by Alufa Lawal Agbongbo, Saki. Afterwards, he went to study under Alufa Aminu yesade at Isale Taba, Saki. He furthered his Islamic education under Alufa Saki, Oke Eeru, Olorisaoko and Alufa Raaji, Abaa Sanusi, Idi- Ayunre, both at Ibadan respectively. After many years, he went back to Saki to learn how to weaving. He took up this profession till he traveled to Ghana and Togo for business. In 1940, he returned to Saki to acquire more knowledge under Khalifat Hajj Nafiu Olayiwola, Isale Abudu, Saki.  He also went for adult education, thus, he could read and write in the Yoruba language in 1952.



Alhaji Tijani is reputed to have been an important part of Saki’s story. Apart from being a politician and activist, he is also a da’ee. He also contributed immensely to the growth of Islam in the town at a time when the missionaries were using all means to win souls for the Church.

During the days of the missionaries, many non-Christians were forced to change their names to Christian names before they could get an admission. Alhaji Tijani Massa laid the foundation of Baptist Primary School, Saki. He also contributed financially to the building of the school but his son was denied admission to the same school because he refused to change his name. The son is late at the time of this writing, May Allah forgive him and make Jannah his final abode. Ameen.

During Obafemi Awolowo’s reign, when schools were to be established, majority of the People of Saki were against the idea given the fact that existing schools offered no good than to convert the rightly guided children into Christianity. However, Baba Massa still determined, persuaded the people of the town and dedicated 3 pieces of land for the school project.

Interestingly, Baba made mention of one Rahimi( Abdur-Raheem) who called people to Islam using Comparative Religion. He had debates with Christian evangelists quoting from the Bible and Qur’an. The comparator was later arrested and Baba secured his release.

Being a strong member of Ansarudeen society of Nigeria, He was also among those who established the Ansarudeen secondary school. Saki. With his children as part of the pioneering set.



  • He laid the foundation of Baptist Primary School, Saki
  • Donated three pieces of land for the school project during Obafemi Awolowo’s reign.
  • Founding member, An-sar-ud-deen in Saki, 1964
  • Part of the founding members of An-sar-ud-deen high School, Saki
  • Founding Member, Muslim Hospital, Saki.(1987)
  • Founding Member, Naiwar-ud-deen Primary School

He was the chairman, coalition of Saki for people of Saki (Saki Parapo fun gbogbo omo Saki) in 1969-1983. Within these 14 years, he actively participated in;

  • Building community Town Hall, Saki
  • The Post Office Project
  • Maternity
  • Saki Parapo Grammar School, Saki


  • Jagunmolu Adini Ile Yoruba (Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, 28/1/1989)
  • Aare Musulumi of Igbojaye, Oyo State (19/12/1998)
  • Atun Aye se Adinni of Igboho, Oyo State (10/12/1996) by Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria (
  • Merit Award by Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria (1/5/1992)


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This biography was gathered when press crew visited Alhaji Tijani Massa at his house in Saki, Oyo State for an interview on 26th of April, 2018. press crew at Alhaji Tijani Massa’s residence press crew with Alhaji Tijani Massa

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