It’s a scary Hadith but I need to mention it because we have young brothers and sisters and we are all in need of guidance. The Prophet (saw) says “I know people from my Ummah, from the Muslims, they will come on the day of judgment with the good deeds the size of mountains, glowing bright so the Prophet says and yet Allah will make it disappear like husks of rice. you know, it just blows away in the wind, all their deeds will disappear so the companions ask: O Prophet (saw), describe them to us so we don’t do what they do, so the Prophet said: they are from your brothers, and from your tribesmen, and they are not ordinary Muslims, they are people who wake up in the middle of the night and pray as you pray but what is the problem? but they are people when in seclusion, they transgress against the limits of Allah. Think Muslim! When he and she is alone in a room and there is a screen, in a laptop, in a computer, in a phone, they transgress against the limits and boundaries of Allah

The poem says it beautifully: If my Lord were to ask me: did you have no shame from Me? Did you have no shame in disobeying Me? and you kept your sin hidden from my creation and you came with your sin to me. You are afraid of a cat coming into your room but you were not afraid that I was watching. Read carefully my dear brothers and sisters because I need to clarify this. If the sin in seclusion happens out of weakness and out of a slip and it’s not courage against Allah, that is an ordinary sin. But if you sin recognizing in a way that the Lord is watching and yet you still don’t care and persist, then you have fallen in courage against Allah and then Allah will delete the deeds.

May Allah grant me and you success and may Allah grant us the capacity to do a lot of good deeds (Ameen)

Credits : learn islam


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