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Nothing tastes better than True love, and ideally, fantastic friends are uncommon gifts from our Creator. Sure, no two friends are the same and often times, friends are fleeting and temporary.

Some undoubtedly last longer than others, but finding someone who accepts you unconditionally and forever is
not an easy feat.

I may not have lived long enough to outgrown cloths, but I have seen many friendships in my life fade away. On occasion, I have made a conscious decision to walk away from a friendship; while other times, I have noticed a lack of reciprocation or effort made by someone who I thought was an unconditional friend.

And it certainly hurts when you realize that someone is not as interested in being your friends as you were in being theirs.

However, I’m of the simple opinion that friendship should never be forced. Let two friends come together without being coaxed or compelled. And let them do so with the goal of helping each other get better in all ramifications.
Sometimes, it is better to burn out than fade away.

But if you look inwardly and quite deeply about the definition of true friendship that simply stands the test of time, and who should continuously remained glued to your heart without defect, to be able to create such a very positive effects in your life plus those around you, then you have to look no further than your spouse.

For you will find friendship truely amazing if only your Spouse is to you, like your Best Blouse or better than it.

Remember you always wanted your best blouse dry cleaned and pampered for the right occasion, nothing must hamper or tamper with it. You would always be jealous of it, making sure nothing happen to it.

You love to protect it till you will almost become over protective of it. Imagine if same treatment is given to your Spouse, perhaps the similitude of your world would be like a save haven beneath the shade of Paradise and who knows, the world at large would have been a better place.

And we ask Almighty Allaah subhanahu wataala to help ease the affairs of our Home. Aameen.


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