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May 28, 2018 Science and Technology Uncategorized 0


People fall in love almost every seconds and the emotion that love generates is beyond what mere words could capture and elucidate.

Love is a wonderful thing and it is save to say we all need love. Ever seen a Mother caring for her Kids? Smiling and cuddling the baby as if they were the last thing in her life? That is love.

The importance of love cannot be over-emphasized. You may ask those who are newly drowned in the pool of love and they will tell you how sweet it could be.

However, something very important seems to be missing, from Mothers to Kids, Fathers to Son without excluding lovers themselves. And that is the word I’M SORRY!

Amazingly, no two persons lived together without crossing each others boundary. It has happened before and it won’t stop happening.

Thus, it behoves every right thinking individual to learn how to use that powerful phrase. Not only does it help to maintain love, the sustainability of peace and harmony in every relationship lies in the usage of that powerful phrase ‘I’m Sorry’.

Saying it doesn’t take away your pride, neither does it sink your glittering personality, in fact, it only goes to show how lovely you are.

I think those who are often found using it have their names written in gold because of the world they help to create and the love they help to sustain.

in my conclusion, I think saying I’m sorry is more powerful than sayin I love You. And Allaah knows Best.



Hassan Ali Ibn Maruphdeen

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