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May 15, 2018 Islamic Poems 0


As for you,

Whose feeding is four hourly

It’s time for you to change to 12hourly.

In between meals are never far fetched,

It’s time for you to go around with empty stomach.

You detest the feeling of thirst,

It’s time for you to feel its pangs.


For you,

Whose time is never enough for solat,

It’s time to know, if it’s time or your unwillingness.

Hurrying to work prevents the morning adzkar,

It’s time to know if it’s work or laziness.

Whose Quran has been buried in dust,

This period will tell if it was mere negligence.



Whose hijab was lost months ago,

Here is the moment to pick it up forever.

Vain talk, backbiting, slandering and music has filled your soul.

This is the time to purge it and refill with recitation of the Quran,

Fear and remembrance of Allah, remembrance of death!

Your hand was your mouth with which you greet,

Shaking, hugging and holding of the opposite sex.

That hand should stay in your pockets.

Only to come out when you want to give Sadaqat.

Ramadan has come!

It’s knocking real hard,

Telling you to GIVE UP!

Those acts, these acts, all.

That will make the mercy it comes with elude you.

Awake!! The month of mercy, forgiveness, piety, acceptance of dua is here.

PenRoll(Aaminah Qasim O.)


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