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One major factor contributing to why some born Muslims leave Islam for Christianity is the quest for miracles birthed by problems and materialism. A very serious issue that needs to be discussed. When such Muslims get married and after 3,4,5 years in marriage conceive not, when a Muslim keeps hustling yet there’s no breakthrough or any other type of difficulties anyone might encounter, they start to get invites like,

* There’s a church down there holding a vigil, come for deliverance.

* There’s a pastor giving miracle water, Jesus will solve your problem.

* As Jesus raised Lazarus, so shall Jesus raise you up above your enemies.

* Come worship with us on Sunday.

Then they start to visit them till they eventually pull out of Islam totally. It is however unfortunate that they get to start going to church and till date, they’re still waiting on the Lord for miracles.


It is time we started facing the reality. Enough of the rosy words, we are tired of the motivational speeches. Our sheikh should tell us the reality. The time is nigh that we started sensitizing our brothers and sisters. Tell them the reality.

Shall we say we believe and act as one who believes not?

* Muslims live in the ghetto same as non-Muslims.

* They live in Estates, we do too.

* We get hospitalized, they do too.

* They build mansions, we do too.

In a nutshell, we are all affected by every kind of natural phenomena.

Are you seeking riches in Christianity where there are many pastors living in abject poverty? These types of pastors will tell you “It is easier for a camel to go through a needle than for a rich man to go into God’s kingdom”

Are you seeking children in a religion where there are also many barrens among its adherents? You live Islam for Christianity and after 6 years of trying to no avail, the pastor starts telling you the story of Sarah and Hannah yet before leaving Islam, you have not waited half of Sarah or Hannah?

It is these tests that we encounter that defines our faith and tells whether we are really adhering to the faith for materialistic reasons. This is sad and scary but it is the TRUTH and the REALITY, I will tell you, handle it how you want.

* You are about getting married, know that it may take very long before you give birth, you might never even give birth. It is the decree.

* You have been hustling for long and looking toward getting rich, if Allah wills, you will get rich, and If he wills, You will hustle till you die… He does whatever he wills.

* You do not wish to lose any of your children in your lifetime, neither do I wish it for you and myself. It may be that you will not lose any of them, but if you do, will you arrest He who has taken them? Surely, you are not the first it will happen to nor the last.

* As much as we love all parts of our body, there is no certainty that we will die with our body parts complete. One may get involved in an accident and the legs or hands amputated. It may be that one may have breast cancer.

* The only certainty is DEATH. There is a tendency your car may be stolen, your house may get burnt, your office might get burnt, your warehouse might be raided, will you then commit suicide or does this not happen? It is until you open your eyes to this reality, remembering Allah (SWT) that you can have

peace of mind. We really need to stop rosy sermons. They have their own evils. You tell someone to believe in God because God will provide him with money, someone who is destined not to be rich. He believes in God and doesn’t get the money then he stops believing in God and holds you as a liar.

If you have faith, you will know and live believing life is either Yes or No. Be a pessimistic optimist and vice versa. This dunya is but a trance. Let us live in the reality and not overly optimistic. Have faith and do good deeds as Allah says,

“Those who have faith and do righteous deeds, they are the best of creatures, their reward is with Allah, gardens of eternity, beneath which rivers flow, they will dwell therein forever; Allah well pleased with them and they with him: all this for such as fear their Lord and Cherisher (Qur’an 100 :7-8).

This is a much worthier promised recompense for whatever tests we encounter in this dunya. No one has faith till he believes in Allah and no one has truly believed in Allah till he Fears Allah and one’s fear of Allah has not been made manifest till it drives him/her to submit totally to Allah’s will and joining together in the mutual teaching of truth, patience and constancy for without this, mankind is in Loss.

May we not go astray… AMEEN.

Bashir LuCas Samson Lukman

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