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APPRECIATING THE GIFT OF ALLAH By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

October 5, 2018 Fiqh House Of Salam (HOS) Information Islamic Poems 0


House Of Salam (HOS)


Many that live with the perfect operation
In the system and organ of the physical
Body, still complain of not being
Favoured among other mankinds.
So they forget to show gratitude
To Allah, the bestower of all (things);
For the Ni’mah (favour) of Allah on them
As regards body and organ healthiness.

Many live the life of despair and
Think the Creator has not favourably
Blessed them with what is needed;
For their life on earth to be blissful
And for them to be proud among
Their peers who bustle in wealth.
But the fact cannot be denied;
Health is the greatest wealth.


Many do not regard the real deal
In creating man of not equal (in wealth);
Is to strengthen the relationship between
The wealthy and the poor, as an exchange.
Not for one party to boast to the other;
As this may lead to lost (in desire) of
Mankind’s soul on earth; as it is an eternal
Spirit that should remind mankind not to
Be deceived by the beauty that we
Seem to find in this our worldly life.

But to ponder over our life on
Earth, as not being our ends.
For we are all travelers on this earth
Passing through this material
Stage as the journey path to our
Destination, which is our real home
To abide forever in joy and comfort.


Nay, the real abode is the hereafter;
An eternal life that await everyone of us on
Earth, and whether we like it or not; we will
Surely exit on this Surface of the earth.
Then to another stage of life called
‘Barzakh’; an abode between life on earth
And before the hereafter begin.
For every one of us will know our fate.

And then, we will be judged
By the ultimate Creator of all
Who will apply justice to all
Our act which we undertake
On the surface of the earth.


We pray Allah guide us in our
Course of life and toward the
Deeds of righteousness that
Pleased our Lord in all manners
And that which take us to the
Best of places for one to abide;
Jannah; the home of the believers that
Follow their belief with righteous deeds. Āmīn!

But He fashioned him (mankind)
In due proportion, and breathed
Into him Something of His spirit.
And He gave you hearing (ears) and
Sight (eyes) and hearts (feeling and
Intuition) Little thanks do you give!”
(Surah As-Sajda, 32:9)


Tabarak-Allah wa ta’ala
Blessed is Allah, the Most-High.
Hamdan Wa Shukran li-Llah,
Rabbi l’Aalameen
‘Praise and Thanks to Allah,
The Lord of the worlds’.


© Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

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