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Commenting on the previous publication of this refutation series (​answering-those-who-say-comparative-is-an-innovation-that-takes-one-to-hell/ ), one of the boys of the Ilorin ex-convict, who is the  president of  the federal Republic of Tekfirism, the possessor of the key to Jahannam, the chief of no-scholar community further butressed my claim.


According to him, the question I asked at the end of the article, “who are your scholars?” only portray me as a blind Scholar follower. With the hadith of ‘Umar being treated and the words of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taken into context, it seems they have no proof again and to him, the respected scholars I quoted are of no use to them.



Having refuted those who say comparative bidi’ah that takes one to hell, I will answer some misconceptions about comparative religion.




Of all claims, this is the one I find to be most absurd, petty and preposterous. Ignorance about a religion, faith, tenet, belief system cut across every tribe, colour, language and religion.
In the preamble of this series, I state that anyone who is a comparator in Islam must have knowledge about Islam. You want to compare two things, how can you compare when you have knowledge about one and not the other?


“Studying the Bible does not make then learn about Islam”, critics will say. It is amusing that many of those who make this claims do not on their own have much knowledge about the religion themselves and on the other hand, you assume they know the whole of Sahih Bukhari offhand.
Ignorance about the Deen is on the individual. There are people who do not venture into comparative religion and they know almost nothing about the religion. When you ask people, “why not try learning Tajweed?” (for example), they give excuses such as job, children, husband, family needs and all that. So, why not address this if the critics are sane and truthful? I have never seen anyone saying, “I don’t have knowledge about Islam because comparative religion has taken my time”. We will ask, “Then, what are you comparing?”


While working on Acadip Online Institute Of Comparative Religion Studies, ( please check our website, we made” ISLAMIC  DA’WAH METHODOLOGY” as a prerequisite to study “ COMPARATIVE RELIGION” because we realize you need to know about Islam before another faith.  It is when you study Islam that you realize that to Allah alone belongs guidance إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا لَلْهُدَىٰ so there is no extremism and also doing it sincerely for Allah’s sake.


This article is not an expression of frustration neither a lamentation, it is an attempt to educate the uneducated, ignorant and petty critic who should have e something better doing for the Deen other than giving respected scholars certificate of Hell.
Most times we worry about reverts coming into the religion on how to teach them Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah but we do not pay attention to the large number of ignorant Muslims we have amongst us, those leaving the religion out of lack of knowledge. To be realistic, we should have more concerns on the ignorant within the Muslim community than those coming, worthy to note that both need attention.


It is in our community that a man who had on several occasions gone for Hajj yet sells alcohol, making cake with Qur’an inscriptions, uncountable number of imams cannot properly recite Surah Fatiha, different types of music amongst the youths and many others. Is it not going to be a service to the Deen if these critics bother themselves more about these people than people Allah made their feet steadfast, strong in faith and refute the disbelievers? Are they sincere? Whether or not, this article is to educate them. perhaps they might do something better for the ‘Ummah other than issuing certificates of Jahannam.
I was urged to make the series shorter, so we continue answering these misconceptions in two more articles then to address other refutations that are not misconceptions about comparative religion.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman 

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