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September 11, 2018 Annals of Hijaabis 0

Prior to my putme at FUTA that same year, we had gone for that of University of medical science, Ondo State. It was the first post UTME of the school. The payment and registration were to be done at the state. One of those younger sisters had an uncle in the state who helped the four of us  with the registration for the exam. We were unsure if we were going to stay at this grand uncle’s house because he was a Christian (a pastor) and there were things that were involved about that with his nephew. So, we secured staying with a sister (maa shaa Allaah, what an adorable sister she still is!). We arrived at Ondo safely and went to her place straightaway, rested while she prepared a meal for us. Then, we received a call from the dad of one of us (the nephew of the Pastor) that Pastor was already expecting us and he would call to have someone to come and pick us from where we were. We couldn’t eat. We packed the food and headed for the main road to wait for the man sent.  On getting there, we found out that it was a mission house (a resident pastor sort of. He owned the church). Well, the house was a different building from the church. So, no qualms. We also didn’t bother that welcoming us with their Christian prayers was done, we just stayed mute throughout and were looking.

Fast forward to night time. After we were served dinner, those who wanted to fast decided to take sahur with the food we packed from the sister’s house. We ate and were called to collect our registration forms and receipts…. And the hide and seek began.
Pastor told us that another prayer session would hold and we would join his son for group revision as he was also preparing for the exam. We were all seated when they knelt facing their chairs for prayer. Let’s take a bit forwarding, he then said there was going to be another prayer session by 6am the following morning in the church as that was their practice and we must be there because the prayer would be for us and our exam. His grand niece was the one who first raised the polite objection. He insisted that we could join after our solat. After all, it wouldn’t take up to five minutes. I then told him we take more than that as we have some prayers too after solat. In short, he got up and gave his rules, in fury: “I don’t want fanatics in my house. If you know you’re going to stay under my roof, you must do what I want. If you know you can’t enter the church, leave my house.”
The moment he mentioned “fanatics”, I began to think about who was the fanatic; we, who didn’t want to compromise our faith or he, who was unapologetically forcing his faith/practice on us? We were silent till he was done. He kept repeating that if we wouldn’t obey, we should leave. We went inside, had our solat, packed our bags and left. That time, it was already some minutes before 10pm in the land where we knew no one. It was dark and quiet already but we left for the main road and were lucky to get two bikes for the four of us to go back to the sister’s house.
Alhamdulillah that we secured another place and if we didn’t, our fathers (of the four of us) were already preparing to send money to lodge in a hotel in case the gates of the sister’s house were locked. Alhamdulillah, we got to her house safely and had awesome moments together.

PS: Muslims must not make the mistake of compromising Islam for anything. We are accommodating but not foolish or unaware of their hatred towards us. Even in the Quran, Allah says there’s no compulsion in Religion (don’t force people to practise). What if you’re being forced out of Islam?Note: make sure you don’t give in to any pressure to go against Allah, in any form. Even if it comes with difficulty, for after every difficulty comes ease.

Be Imanized!

Who would have imagined that the old man could ask us (young ladies) out of the house in the dark, in a place we knew nowhere?  

Just this year 2018, one of the youth service corp members who was posted to our school reported. Being an Islamic school, we tried to talk to her about the least code of dressing that she has to abide by, as teachers are models and we wouldn’t want the upbringing of our students to be wronged. She was contented with it and even stated that her dad is a Muslim, only that she follows her mum to church who goes in the father’s absence. (a reason we accepted her and may Allah make this a cause for guidance for her)

She noted that she was originally posted to a Church owned secondary school (name withheld) after her redeployment from Adamawa state to Ogun state but she was rejected because she’s not a member of the church and the only condition that she may be accepted is that she becomes their member. So, she left.

If an Imam had sent out his non-Muslim guests in that manner, the headlines of news would have either been “Wicked Imam sends Christian ladies out to wander in the dark” or “Terrorism: Imam lets Christian ladies to rapists/kidnappers” or the popular news about forcing Islam on Christians. If it were to be a Muslim school that did what this school did, eyebrows would have been raised and the air be filled with the noise of the rejection. May Allah continue to save His Ummah from hypocrisy.


-Hameedah OJ

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