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ANNALS OF HIJABIS on knowislam.com.ng Episode 4

Keep calm and Trust a Muslim Nurse


I was an intern nurse at a  children emergency center and  I was assigned to the nurses station in the ward on a beautiful afternoon. Not long into the shift, a man came to the nurses station, apparently in need of attention for his sick child. He called out for a nurse and I answered him. He ignored me, walked past me and went up to a senior colleague. Funny enough, she redirected him to me and he said aloud “Oh!  I didn’t know she’s a nurse, because of…” (he used his finger to go 360degrees round his head referring to my hijab). I gave a sheepish smile and asked what he wanted at the moment. I got on it, solved his problem and made sure the child was comfortable. I attended to him when due afterwards without prejudice. Seeing my proactive display of professionalism, in no time, he started calling me DN. Out of curiosity, I asked for the meaning and it turned out to mean “Digital Nurse”.

Some days after, his child was discharged and he called me aside, commended me and even gave me some gifts. He said  “You are a good nurse and I am not the only one who has noted this. Please keep it up and I pray that this attitude takes you to better places.” Recently during eid, I still received a message from him.

When he left, I was glad and grateful that Allah (‘Aaza wa Jalla) has made me imprint a change of thought. I am most definitely sure that he will never look down on anybody simply because they don the hijab, except the person proves otherwise.

On a final note, Muslimahs should always remember that they are “attention catchers” with their hijabs or niqabs on and therefore should be of the best character at all times.

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…. Telling the Muslim story.

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