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ANNALS OF HIJABIS on knowislam.com.ng Episode 3

The life of a Muslim should solely be for the purpose of pleasing Allah. Everything a Muslim does should be to serve the Ummah. As a Muslimah, since childhood, I have always wanted and prayed to become a medical doctor. Towards achieving this, I always worked hard. One admission year, three of my area younger sisters and I went for post UTME at Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). On the exam day, while walking towards the queue to enter the exam hall, we saw a sister in Jilbab walking back towards us. It was obvious that something was wrong. It happened that she was not allowed in because of her jilbab and there, the security guards said hijab sisters should remove their hijabs, else they won’t be allowed into the exam hall. So, she was going back to get the MSSN Amir for intervention. “what sort of rubbish is that?” My sisters were already in fury. There and then, few hijab wearers met us and said they couldn’t remove their hijabs even though they were small, but some ladies removed theirs. I wasn’t shaken. I knew what to do. The school didn’t stipulate during purchase of form or registration that Hijab sisters are not allowed in the school. It was not in the dress code that hijab was prohibited. The word hijab was not mentioned in anything that concerned the school. Where then have the security men gotten their directives to disallow hijab sisters from entering the hall? My sisters wanted us to go with the other sisters to get the Amir but I insisted that we were going to the hall to have them do whatever they wanted to do, add the evidence before reporting to the appropriate quarters. The other sisters also agreed to go back with us and we agreed to tell them that they were free to search us but in private and by a female officer. We all went back and stayed on the queue even though other candidates all focused on us murmuring that there was no exam for us.

They might have been intimidated by our number and that we followed one another on the queue. A security woman announced, with her face frowned, that we should loosen our inner scarves and pull the hijabs forward to get our hairs searched. And that was all. It then occurred to me that the earlier action was intentional out of hatred. Not because she didn’t know what to do.
– Hameedah OJ

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