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ANNALS OF HIJABIS on knowislam.com.ng Episode 1

I entered the lab with my lab coat on as usual, walked straight to my work spot and sat down waiting for the practical  to begin.

“Alhaja! Come here.” I walked pass her to my table when I entered and I saw her  look that said “what the heck is this?” I went to her. “is this how you dress?”. Within me, I was like “God! See question”… I replied in the affirmative anyway. “Don’t you know that this is not allowed here?”
Again, I was like “ẹlẹ́tẹ̀ẹ́. As if this is my first lab.”…
“NO ma. I didn’t know.”
She also realized that was the last lab work and she was not our lecturer-in-charge. The woman was not around, so was asked to represent her.
“Is this how you’ve been coming?”… Proudly “Yes ma” “how do I know who is there? How do I know you’re my student…?” ” I have my ID card and can open for verification”. Now, I haven’t given her any chance to flare. She requested for my card and I showed her. She collected it…….


Long story short, she asked me to follow her and took me to the lobby linking the lab hall to the offices and I opened. She looked at me and the card.
“are you married?”  she asked. “no ma. I’m not”
“but you’re engaged? She pressed further. I wanted to say No again but I knew that would cause another explanation session and my colleagues have started their experiments. My partner was waiting for me and my time won’t be repaid.
“Yes ma” I said… As if that was all. “so your fiancé asked you to dress this way?”  Another query. “NO ma. My conviction and choice”. I said and thank God, she handed back my card and I killed her with “Thank you ma” and I turned my back and went straight to my table.

Actually, different strokes for different folks. But trust me, being calm and never being rude or insulting will do no harm to you.
You being a Niqabi doesn’t mean you can’t open when need arises, for verification. Be it a he or she, just tell them you can open for verification (make sure you have a valid form of ID). It’s either you’re excused or taken to a private place. You may encounter an obstinate person. Kindly and politely seek to be checked privately. No matter the shout, if they took some hot pills, make sure to take plenty chill pills but YOU MUST NOT GIVE IN TO INTIMIDATION.

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Real names will be concealed inshaaAllah, except if revealing is wished for.

… Telling the Muslim story.

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